Hi I’m Sam. I’m a big fan of federation and decentralization.

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Yes the supreme court tends to decide things, especially when it relates to entities controlled by the government. What makes politics relevant in this thread? Why can’t everybody just agree that spying on students is wrong? Why does this have to become “My team is better than their team” when at the end of the day regardless of your political position the vast majority of people will agree that spying on students is wrong.

I’m pretty sure this is a 4th amendment issue, and I’m no expert but from what I gather the republicans are big 4th amendment stans. I genuinely don’t understand. I’m not a republican/conservative, I’m just an internet user tired of everything being “US VS THEM” when I just want to be angry that schools are spying on students. I don’t care what your political beliefs are and it’s all so tiresome.

Thanks for reading my rant/blogpost.

I’m not american. I am tired of hearing about american politics on subjects that have no correlation. Nowhere in the article are politics mentioned, yet it has to be brought up in the comments for some reason.

as a libertarian socialist

There we go again. Can’t we all agree that mass surveillance on school children is bad without sharing our political beliefs?

Not promoted as open source, but this shit from discord annoys the fuck out of me.

Any plans for a release on fdroid? :)

XMPP has my vote, although element is probably closer to discord.

Xmpp + mumble is what I use personally.

Signal backend is open source.

Edit: you might be thinking of telegram.

I use the fediverse every day and lots of new websites are being made. I see it growing steadily.

I’ve been gaming on linux exclusively for well over 5 years now. You will lose out on a few games when it comes to kernel-level anticheat, but for the most part things tend to “just work”, especially with proton.

at least for ebooks mobi > pdf every day


Eh. With how popular tiktok was becoming, facebook definitely had something in the pipe, then with the ban I imagine they pushed for early release.

I remember first discovering /e/, something rubbed me the wrong way about how they appeared out of nowhere with very little talk around them. This makes a lot of sense.

What the fuck… so I guess I don’t do anything with my phone now other than SMS?

Asked for comment, Komoot said it regretted the incident but that its service is not specifically optimised for route planning “through areas of political unrest" .

Yeah… can’t really blame the app on this one imo.

Stallman fans should follow on twitter

I know they address this right away in the article, but it’s such a funny quote.