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Looks like they prefer they/them. The link in the article will lead you to their mastodon profile where you will find a pinned toot with her home address which I find…peculiar.

I use the Linux Zoom client as a teacher 35 hours a week. It is quite annoying. There are options to turn off the full screen mode when someone shares their screen. What distro are you on? I install directly from the website. My complaint is that it sometimes crashes when I am moving around breakout rooms which can be awkward if students are looking for me. Zoom in general is bad when it comes to screen real estate! Horrible even!

I’ve been using OpenBoard for awhile. I like it. I never used swiping so i t doesn’t bother me that it isn’t present. I do like being able to scroll with the space bar and the long-backspace option (hold and swipe to erase longer passages).

All of the choices mentioned here work quite well. I use ghostwriter (well, I use just a text editor most of the time for speed) because it is available in the repos on debian without adding an extra repo. Typora is very nice but it is a little heavier. I vote to give each one a trying out and see which one you like best.

looking for a post [TOMT]

I recall a post, maybe here, maybe on reddit, maybe just a link to a blog. It included a breakdown of why it isn’t always ideal to suggest certain alternatives. In particular, it mentioned problems about duckduckgo and protonmail. It is possible that it was a link to a github repo. Can anyone point …

I could switch and have tried. the last time I tried a KaiOS phone and took the time to strip all the Google stuff and WhatsApp and make it closer to a dumb phone. Then for work reasons it became a little bit of a necessity to get a smartphone again.

Making a temporary switch to a feature phone is a fun exercise that I recommend BUT it takes time to find a suitable phone. Nokia phones are good but either have KaiOS (which is usable but slow when it comes to switching languages and switching between caps and predictive text) or Series 30+ which nowhere near as good as the previous Nokia OS.

if to are patient and want to drop some cash on a rather different device, the Mudita Pure should be interesting. The OS will be made open source upon release too.

Your device will only be as private and secure as the apps on it. I have used Lineage in the past, it worked as advertised so if someone wants to leave behind all the google apps including things like Maps and the apps that require different google services it is worth considering. Before doing that you can also take a look at the Smartphone Hardening guide

Signal seems to be the ideal replacement for WhatsApp at the moment. It would be fairly simple to get someone to install it if they want to switch. I am going to attempt to get my mother to switch in the coming weeks.

Element/Matrix would be my choice but I would bet my life savings and first born son that I would never be able to get more than one person to switch.

Just as a side note/side question: RE: the upcoming changes to WhatsApp, what will be the deal in Europe? I did see that the changes won’t be the same, will there be any changes made at all for European users?

OpenBoard. ASK is cool too. I might give FlorisBoard a spin tonight.

Lots of Android phones can be hardened. Your phone and computer are only as secure and safe as the software you use. has lots of good steps to take.

I find this worrisome. While I only use the app to talk to two people I can totally imagine people using this for revenge and general trolling.

Also, where I live, France, there are a few laws regarding privacy that do cover digital communication so lots of people use WhatsApp to talk about things that should be private. They assume that what they say is OTR. Even if permissions need to be given before the report is submitted it still something that should be highlighted.

Thanks for the warning!

CDN: A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN), is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers.

UUID: A universally unique identifier (UUID) is a 128-bit number used to identify information in computer systems .

This shouldn’t be sent in plaintext because…

This information doesn’t stay with them:

These OCSP requests are transmitted unencrypted. Everyone who can see the network can see these, including your ISP and anyone who has tapped their cables.

These requests go to a third-party CDN run by another company, Akamai.

Since October of 2012, Apple is a partner in the US military intelligence community’s PRISM spying program, which grants the US federal police and military unfettered access to this data without a warrant, any time they ask for it. In the first half of 2019 they did this over 18,000 times, and another 17,500+ times in the second half of 2019.


On Android you can use Exodus (here is an example that will tell you about trackers and permissions. If you subscribe to news from Slashdot, Arstechnica or even “hacker” “news” you will see the occasional privacy story. This past week there has been lots of Apple news.

I would also like to see some more Linux info. Linux isn’t “safe” and some distros (e.g. Manjaro, see here but there is stability that comes from using certain distros. It would be nice to see a Linux guide but that isn’t really an “everyday user” case because people think that Linux is scary. I have used Linux for over 15 years as my main OS and about 2 years ago I got a slap on the wrist at work because some IT guy saw me using Linux on campus. They made me switch to Windows but I forced them to give me a work laptop.

I think we should crowd source a list of alternatives to large companies. These lists already exist but a countey-by-country list of how to avoid using Amazon would be great. Or a rundown of Google Maps alternatives (in my city OpenStreetMap isn’t up to date at all). is doing the right thing here by not spamming us with reposts of poorly slapped together paraphrased summaries of daily privacy news. The smartphone hardening guide is easy to follow and could be implemented by nearly anyone willing to try. Even if we get one post like that per year, I would be content because I joined Lemmy just for this.

I live in France and I am a professor. There are lots of Muslims in France. There are lots of racists and bigots too. Charlie Hebdo pushes freedom of speech a little too far BUT I have never seen anyone actually purchase or read it. I don’t know who their target market is except grandmas on Facebook.

If Facebook and social media weren’t around to share the cartoons nobody would ever talk about Charlie Hebdo. The media makes an effort to translate bad caricatures into shocking news stories and fan the flames. France believes in assimilation, not diversity, and everywhere you go you can find communities of low-income earners whose children go to the worst schools and who don’t have access to things like parks or mosques so they get they rely on each other and social media which we all know leads radical forms of religion.

The cartoon was not a good idea and they knew it would get them publicity.

After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News


Lo and Behold

Nothing to Hide (this one is on YouTube Peertube )

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Digits (docu series on Curiosity Stream)

The Perfect Weapon (HBO documentary)

Search Selector Reset

Pretty basic question. During my phone setup I clicked too fast and chose Google but I want to change the search engine of the unmovable search bar on my screen. I hope I am being clear because it seems like an easy task but I cannot. Everywhere possible I have set it to duckduckgo but that damn sea…

So, hypothetical here. Let’s say I am a cheapskate (which I am) and I head down to the store to look at phones. I did this the other day. The two cheapest phones (that are also recent) I could find in store that would be tier 1 on this list are the Nokia 5.3 and a the Huawei y5p.

Let’s say I take the Nokia which is 100% stock, no bloatware, Android One. Everything on it is Google. I Debloat the sucker, throw on Aurora and F-Droid, install my favourite apps and everything is gravy? What I mean is, if an individual purchases something like the Nokia 5.3 and debloats and degoogles it before installing Aurora or F-Droid what would be left?

Same questions but about the Huawei phones without Google Play Services. I buy it, I debloat it, I install Aurora and F-Droid and now I can install all my favourite stuff no problem with the bonus of there being no Google leftovers as well?

Also, thanks for keeping this up to date. It is extremely helpful and I do show this to my students, in particular the parts about Apple because 98% of my students are iPhone users.

Oh yes. I’ve used that before. And that minimalistic look is what I always tried to get through customization, probably because the first time I saw Linux being used was Slackware 10.2 with a very simple dark theme and I thought it looked great. I think I am a sucker for openbox with tint2. Bunsenlabs is just a dark theme with papirus icons but I like that they throw in a splash of red.

Which distro has the best/most attractive default colour scheme/theme?

I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for about 14 years and have wasted hours (OK, probably days) ricing and customising (you’ve all done the same I think). Laziness has set in, I don’t plan on switching distros anytime soon, I use MX which looks fine. Just wanted to know what you all think: Which distro has …

Share to clipboard gone after disabling apps

I disabled the suggested apps in the “Smartphone Hardening Guide for normal people with non rooted phones” and everything is fine except now I cannot share to clipboard or share to copy which was present before. Not a huge deal but is there a way get that back? …