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It’s like giving your number to someone you shouldn’t have when drunk. You then have to spend the rest of your time ignoring their calls.

Subscribed, but not clicking through to Twitter.

Anytime I’ve downloaded and installed a Fedora distro there was always a TOS mentioning not to use it for business with Iran, North Korea etc., so I’m not surprised about this latest development. OP has unfortunately been penalised just for living in the “wrong” part of the world. It sucks, but that’s the politics at the moment.

Unfortunately, my dirt cheap, low-RAM tablet kept buffering, but I bet the site is awesome on even a half decent device.

I’m not a bit surprised. This is just evil talking about how to do more evil.

Hi, I’m also a newb. I just jumped straight in, see what happens.

I’ve always found detox one of the most simple and elegant commands. It does one thing only (cleans up filenames), and does it very well.

Thanks, looks good. Will try it out and get back.

I could never understand the bipolar nature of US politics. Every four years, the world holds its breath to see which way it will swing this time. It’s crazy.

Same here.

Works fine from a cheap tablet running Android 8.1, using “deedum” from F-Droid.