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Understood. Thing is that some communities or rather instances block one another so I can’t follow.

Thanks for your reply.

In case you want to distro hop for any reason, all you have to do is install the new operating system to the one directory and set as home the second parttiion thus keeping all your files intact.

In my case where I have Bromite as a default browser it does not open links on it, rather on the say Android browser. This only happens in Lemmur. If I click link on another app, Bromite opens.

The open in links in posts works the same. I want to click the link and read them on Bromite.

Is it clearer now ?

Yes exactly that. I would like to open the link in my browser not lemmur’s internal one.

Multiple accounts shown in timeline
Hey all, Just wanted to ask whether it would be possible for multiple accounts to be shown in the timeline and not having to switch over to one to see posts from the other. Just like lemmur implements it.

I’ve been in you position. I would start with Linux Mint Cinnamon edition and also would have two partitions. One for the home directory, where all your files will be placed and another for the operating system (root etc) eg Mint.

I would also try live iso in a USB and get to know which Linux version I like most.

But I would as I said recommend either Mint Cinnamon, kubuntu (kde desktop environment) or KDE neon.

Have fun!

Use external browser
Is it possible to have the option to open links in posts in an external browser, other than the internal lemmur one, just like in jerboa? Thank you.

Because they haven’t disabled this option in their clients’ settings? If I am not mistaken there is such setting on every xmpp app.

I have also problems logging in. Jerboa app works fine though.

I can not also add other instances in Lemmur.

Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) solo album out!
Long awaited solo album of Sakis Tolis, Among the Fire of Hell, is out. Enjoy of its songs!

I’m sure they have this in place (GDPR policies)…But do you think it will make a difference?