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Wish Nutella would be less sweet. Something like Dark Chocolate Nutella.

I hope the people behind Qubes get enough funding in general.

Is there a suitable bridge between Libera.chat and Matrix? Would be cool if everything was accessible through Matrix clients.

Just used the newest version with ParallelDownloads = 5 in the /etc/pacman.conf file, and holy crap is it fast. I love it.

Awesome! I guess I won’t need to install all these extra packages to make OBS work correctly.

As well as I am excited that people who are forced to use Windows have a better Linux experience, I’m afraid this is one step closer to complete vendor lock-in. Hopefully that won’t be the case.

Flutter + Rust seems like an awesome combination. You would get great cross compatibility across all platforms while still keeping safety and performance where it matters. I hope that project really takes off.

Sounds like exciting news. The more industry adoption Rust gets, the better.

It’s astounding how many people don’t wear masks. You go outside and find so many people just huddled together without masks and zero care for distancing. It makes me feel like I’m the crazy one.

NewPipe is really great. However, I still get moments where I’m trying to watch a video and then it just throws a “Guru Meditation” error, forcing me to re-search the video. Sometimes this happens for any video I try to watch and I have to wait for the next update to resolve the issue.

The newest update is leagues better in terms of overall UX though, so that’s great.

meanwhile i’m just chilling here with gnome-terminal

I’m using Intelllij with Rust right now and it’s pretty good. The only bad thing I can say about Intellij is that it’s kinda glitchy and buggy on Sway.

Just curious: have you used or planning to use AMD graphics cards? How is the experience of using Nvidia?


Bat Man

Not a fan of dynamic typing, lack of type safety

Python is supposed to be an easy language to learn and develop in, but I find myself spending even more time and becoming way more frustrated in writing nontrivially-sized python applications since it’s a lot harder and time-consuming to test and debug. The lack of compile-time type safety makes it …