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The release schedule was weird for it. It released in Russia even earlier than France I believe. For some reason Europe got a super early release compared to America/Australia

What is this garbage. Literally just a massive strawman against people who defend China. Ideologically baseless and academically useless.

Are you gonna stop spam posting these ramblings anytime soon

This is how government bailouts should work.

Remember that one time we payed frontier 7 billion USD to lay down high speed cable to all houses in america and they just… Didn’t do that and suffered absolutely no consequences.

The Epoch times is run by a fanatical religious cult. I have 0 respect for them or their news outlets

I don’t. I use Lemmy and Reddit alongside eachother

My Favorite Lemmy poster keeps the great responses coming :)

Great read. I did a project for one of my Junior levels on graphene and the unfortunate impossibility of using it due to the properties when you stack it. I never even looked into this magic angle that the article describes. Super cool for the future of computing.

Facts. Something that I only got out of doing a few months ago. It is amazing how many MSM articles have headlines that don’t make the same conclusion as the evidence/topic being discussed.

Large part of it is they are just edge lords. Another part of it is that a lot of terminally online left leaning losers tend to think that marxism means killing everybody who stands in the way of progress or that are against the Proletarian Political body that has formed.

So you have on the one hand the ultra leftists who will say that Stalin and Mao were the worst most devilish leaders who abandoned marx’s teachings because insert vague thing while on the other hand you have another sect of ultra leftists who will say that any form of government is anti-marxist because they have literally read 0 theory and instead get their entire political framework from memes on the internet. (sorry for run on sentence)

So the two groups of ultra leftists end up having very wildly different views on killing. One group thinks that we need to literally kill any form of opposition to the popular movement no matter how harmless. While the other group thinks that any form of political violence is the most abhorrent thing imaginable.

Much like how Anarchists like to romanticize the black army and completely ignore the history of the Bolsheviks going out of their way to protect, reason with, and form compromises with until Mahkno decided to fuck off and do his own thing in the Ukraine. On the one hand they will criticize the Bolsheviks for “mass murdering anarchists” while completely ignoring the event that they cite was literally a field battle between the two armies. While on the other hand they will glorify the petty theft, robbery and murder of supply trains/caravans that were vitally needed to supply the reds.

It really is endlessly frustrating to watch continuously happen on reddit.

I am glad you used 0 sources to elaborate on your claims.

Lmao when I first read the headline I was like “hmmm could be a pretty big overstep” and then I read the article.

CPC keeping imperialist piggies out of their culture.

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You love to see it.

Honestly the past 2 years of news coming out of China is really giving me hope that we are not totally fucked.

Some trotskyist trash?

I always feel like people overstate how much ML’s “romanticist” historical events like this. We don’t really do that in any sense. What we do is look at the historical event, look at the conditions of the people, and then use dialectical materialism to analyze the successes and failures of the various governments. This article reads like a 20th century British “socialist” along the lines of Orwell would have written it.

Posted to r/socialism on reddit. Let us see how fast it gets downvoted 10 billion times

I am going to guess they didn’t… Don’t really expect that much from people who use the term tankie unironically though.

Yeah but they didn’t really even bother to cite anything else. Heck Zenz is a better source than no sources really.They have maybe 2 claims in the entire article that I could count that were sourced. The rest was either conjecture or a form of guesswork. Unless they actually went there. There isn’t even a way to confirm or deny the satellite pictures as truth.

Howdy folks! I am looking for some Marxists publishers that actually have books available. Normally I buy my books from a Syndicalist Library in Seattle but they are very "anti-tankie" unfortunately.

So basically I have a fat reading list that I am managing to burn through faster than I ever thought I could. (I have read almost 8 books this year!) So with that being said I am looking to get the essential works of Marx and Engles as well as some stuff by Stalin & Mao. I really want to avoid purch…