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Unsourced claims by buzzfeed. Is anybody surprised?

It is so unfortunate because you aren’t the only one. So many people around the world got economically fucked by rona lockdowns and now our governments are acting like the lockdowns had little to no effect on the domestic economies.

Owls. Specifically the Barn owl. They are so cute and I have always wanted to hold one!

Proletarian Struggle: The Return of Overt Anti-Communism

Releasing in theaters this holiday season!

Bob Avakian

Miss me with that yucky yuck!

Needlessly killing a million people is bad interestingly enough.

YES I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Sorry for the fanboi level of this post but holy shit. They literally saved me from Jacobin’s anti-communist garbage. I have so much respect for their podcast, Magazines, and web articles. Their podcast “Peoples Pulse Radio” is absolutely fantastic and a project I wish I could contribute to.

I love seeing Eddie and the Midwestern Marx project gaining more ground! Him and his org do great work in educating without talking down to people. Unless they are dumb chuds ofc.

I am confused. I haven’t really been following the story but are the claims against Avellone fairly credible? The article you posted kind of confuses me as it seems both Avellone and the accusers don’t have their stories straight but I may be wrong.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are because it is the games industry but I just need a little clarification.

Oof ouch owie. Dead space was fine as it was. I don’t really see a place for it in the modern market.

Here is hoping I get proven wrong

I am unfamiliar with who that is. Can you elaborate on your statement at all?

Bernie: Votes to go to war in Yugoslavia

Succdems: :)

Bernie: *Does this shit

Succdems: :)

Gotta love it

I tried googling and to be honest I couldn’t find anything official. Although I do support China in a general sense and will continue to do so until it becomes a political necessity to do so example being if they divert completely away from socialism and replace America as the colonial exploiters of the third world which is very unlikely to happen following current trends.

If you are interested I do have a pretty good document here that is actually a really interesting read on just how much the 3rd world views China positively. It is a pdf download so it won’t open a new window! Democracy Perception Index 2021.pdf

Yes I’d agree. However, often when I talk to ML’s both IRL and in separate internet communities they do not have principled views of socialist and ex socialist states. So for example instead of criticizing China/Vietnam/Cuba/USSR/etc from the perspective of a Marxist they will instead parrot these anti-communist and bourgeoisie talking points that do nothing but support distortions of facts in favor of imperialist states. A good example of this is communists who do not wish to push back on the “Stalin killed 20 million people” and instead will tell the person they are in dialogue with that “oh well if we ignore that and look at the other parts of the soviet union blah blah blah” because it inherently supports the view of the false narrative.

When I say in practice I mean that on a day to day basis I am analyzing socialism and attempts at it no matter where they come from although I still believe that ML is the clearest and best way to achieve socialism and eventually communism. I don’t disagree with you at all I just like to emphasize scientific socialism as the lens I view the world with even if ML’s by default should already be doing that. I feel like that perspective is often thrown away for dogmatic ideology bashing/supporting.

Howdy folks! I am looking for some Marxists publishers that actually have books available. Normally I buy my books from a Syndicalist Library in Seattle but they are very "anti-tankie" unfortunately.

So basically I have a fat reading list that I am managing to burn through faster than I ever thought I could. (I have read almost 8 books this year!) So with that being said I am looking to get the essential works of Marx and Engles as well as some stuff by Stalin & Mao. I really want to avoid purch…

Ok? I think most people would agree with you but you seem to not have any reason to post this unless you are intentionally not educating yourself about the history of socialist projects.

Most people are willing to have genuine conversations about things like this but you need some sort of context to start a conversation. I can’t just go and say “Killing people is wrong and it is very much against human nature to kill somebody” and then expect to have people want to actually engage with my post.