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Yeah that’s the solution that I’ve been using for a while and it’s been great.

It’d be nice if at some point instance admins or community mods were able to enforce their own sorting method and vote visibility. Or at least offer their own default.

Nice to hear! Agate’s a pretty solid server choice.

It’s nice to hear something on this but everything about it screams ‘development hell’.

Yeah it seems like a great upgrade headset but not necessarily a great first headset. It’ll be nice when reviews start coming out.

It’s funny, people either love or hate the Vive wands.

I saw somewhere that buying the headset, base stations, and Index controllers instead of the Vive wands is actually slightly cheaper than buying their full kit. Looks like a solid headset pricing aside.

The consumer version of the headset launches today and is unfortunately limited to Asia, but it’s still nice to see some competition in the standalone space. …

My process is pretty much the same. I’m using this vim plugin to get syntax highlighting for gemtext.

New standalone hardware is always exciting, especially when it’s Linux based.

Yeah I think it’ll still be a bit before anyone is able to really go toe to toe with Oculus on standalone with the headstart they’ve had, but there’s already some more promising hardware around the corner. PSVR2 will be a hit I’m sure. I think Valve is rumored to be working on something as well.

Regardless of what you think of Oculus/Facebook, this seems like only good news for VR as a whole…

This is a really fun game if you can manage to fill up a private server with people you know. The public servers are completely overrun with cheaters unfortunately.

Good to know, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Lemmy now has a virtual reality community

!virtualreality@lemmy.ml is now open for all general VR discussion! Come share your favorite VR experiences, talk about current and upcoming hardware, or just post a meme or two…

Exactly. They take their sweet time with things but usually have something pretty solid eventually.

I’m also not sure if they’d like a phone-laptop hybrid cannibalizing their Mac and iPad sales.

If Linux phones stick around for the next several years I could see them being the next platform where a phone-laptop convertible is attempted. It would probably even be successful too (by Linux phone standards) with a small but strong community forming around it. Open source puts a Linux phone-laptop convertible in a really strong software position, and even then a lot of people would probably be set with just a web browser.

I’m glad you brought up the Apple chips. With all their devices now using chips designed in-house, I’m thinking that they’re one of the closest to being capable of a mainstream phone-laptop convertible. But I kinda doubt they’d be the ones to pioneer that for multiple reasons.

Is there some sort of public development roadmap for Lemmy?

As a new user I think it’d be nice to know what features are currently planned or being worked on. There’s of course the Github page but is there anywhere else I should know about?..