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Not an OS and maybe not ‘boring’ to use, but checkout the tools from https://suckless.org/

Really nice board! Congrats!

Which switches did you use?

Do you have any links or further info on that?

Feneas - the “Federated Networks Organization” - is dissolving!
Just got an official email by the heads of Feneas about them ending the Association and their (federated) services. It's kinda sad to see them go, as I was quite fond of the idea of having a "melting pot" organization for the fed. Well, guess they never managed to live up to their goals unfortunately... If anyone has accounts there: Please migrate to another provider. NOTE: I haven't found any official statement online yet, so I just linked the official webpage of Feneas for the time being.

NOTE: If anyone is looking for a German version - you can find it here: https://liberatingstructures.de/

The basics of “Liberating Structures”
This a very cool toolbox to increase the impact your meetings and interactions will have. No matter if you are agile or not - Liberating Structures can help to put "fun" and "efficiency" back into your get-togethers.

It is certainly not the “truth” - no matter how often you reiterate it. And it is most certainly NOT science.

I won’t be able to change your mind, so I won’t even try. But it seems you are at least a compassionate individual, so thank you for that.

Have a good one.

App: AntennaPod

I mostly listen to German podcasts, so my recommendations will probably not be of any value to you - but Chaosradio by the German CCC is quite entertaining.

Is this serious or is it satire? Cause I can’t tell. 🤔

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/73171 > Stay away from Audacity!

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/73171 > Stay away from Audacity!

Well, darn it. I didn’t even knew they existed. Would have seems pretty interesting.

Pretty sad, she seems to be gone?!

Sicherer Umgang mit IT als Unterrichtsfach

Nette Idee, aber ehrlich: Deutsche Schulen sind der Inbegriff des anti-digitalen und die aktuelle Lehrerschaft und das Lehramtsstudium wird sich in den nächsten 10-20 Jahren nicht sonderlich verändern. Wer genau soll das jetzt unterrichten?

I know Bob thinks we don’t need an organization for Craftmanship, but sometimes I wish there was one. Would make learning and interaction in the community much easier.

Do you have any good suggestions on material, groups, projects, … out there?

Irgendwie kann ich echt nur noch den Kopf schütteln… Gruselig was da abgeht.

Serious question: Why do people like chrome so much? I really don’t get it.

I mean, of course he is! I honesty thought this was was an open secret by this point.

A GME sublemmy. On this instance. On this network.

By the love of god! Is this really necessary?

Same thing with Firefox’s “Don’t track me” feature. Turning it on might have the adverse effect of making you more trackable.

Makes me still a little sad every time I think about it. :/

I’d rather like to see people being treated with compassion when they are expressing their concerns. I don’t think an “us vs. them” mentality will lead us anywhere. In the end, we’re all in this together.

I mean, I also had to take a deep breath while singninh the petition, since I’m not used to post that many private details online, too.

Anyhow, I can understand your reaction and the frustration. If we, as a privacy concerned group of people, don’t sign up for this, who else would?

So thanks for signing up and sharing. Let’s try to change something for the better!

It’s an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights), so I would deem it to be legit. If you trust the EDRi’s members, I wouldn’t worry toooo much.

I found out about the petition from the German organizations “Digitalcourage” and the “CCC” - and at least personally, I do trust them.

Edit: I changed the post description a little bit, due to the concerns you raised. Thanks! I hope this makes it a bit clearer for people.

There is always evil-mode ;)

You probably got flagged as a bot/troll. And since it was a new account, reddit is quick to remove suspicious ones.

I don’t think you would get removed for talking about the fed. There are entire subreddits about the topics with no problem.

But well, it’s probably not aspirational to be on reddit afterall.

Milan (the guy behind tchncs.de) is a really cool guy who is really capable in regards to IT infrastructure. Had some encounters with him back in my Diaspora days. I would deem him quite trustworthy, so personally I think his matrix instance is quite legit.

It's an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights) and it's [members](https://edri.org/about-us/our-network). If you are in the EU, please sign the petition to change the law to something that respects peoples' privacy! (And please share, if possible. Thanks!)

So wait. you were banned bc you talked about the fediverse? Wtf?

I’m normally not really into the white&gray colorway - but this really looks fine as hell! Especially the blank keycaps make it look super clean.

Yeah, the world of alternative keyboard layouts is puzzling, I fully agree. I mean there are hundreds of different keyboard layouts, some of them quite strange, yet they exist for some reason. (But some of them probably just for the memes.)

a): The difference is in the design objectives of the layouts and in the way they were produced. NEO is almost “old” compared to AdNW. That’s why NEO was mostly produced by “human thinking” - just like the famous Dr. Dvorak made his layout - but AdNW had the opportunity to use NEO as a starting point and apply some statistical analysis via a computer algorithm to it. b): It’s not really about “content” or “satisfaction”, but about applying different methods and rules to the same problem and see how it turns out. It’s like asking “Why aren’t you content with a Desktop PC - why would anyone need a Laptop?” Well, because they are built with different ideas and goals in mind. Desktop might be better for Gaming and “heavy” computer work, but a Laptop beats it 100% in mobility. Both are equally good - just at different things and they are “optimized” for different use cases. c): They use “NEO” in their name, because they came from the same community and aren’t really separate things. NEO was there first, and AdNW actually is just an alternative layout for layer 1&2 but layer 3-6 are the same on AdNW and NEO. So they are just different variants. (The NEO projects now even talks about AdNW and other layouts.)

Any random distribution of keys might be better than QWERTZ? Yes and no. But supposedly the “worst keyboard layout” does exist ;) QWERTZ would still be nice if we were typing on mechanical typewriters - the design goal was to circumvent certain issues you would have while typing on one of these things. But in modern computerized days, QWERTZ is at least one of the worst options possible, since the issue it was design for doesn’t exist anymore. Different design goals for different times…

This actually underlines why NEO and AdNW are so different: They try to reach different goals. In the process of building NEO, certain choices were made that could be seen as some sort of a compromise. E.g. X,C,V are on the left hand and some “logical”, easy to remember key placements (like CH that you mentioned). But from a purely statistical point of view, these design choices reduce the “efficiency” of the layout, so you would need more effort to type on it on certain occasions - NEO has quite a lot of “collisions” between successive keystrokes. AdNW tries to answers the question: “What would happen if we leave out all the secondary design goals and just optimize for typing efficiency?” So the phrasing you used is actually quite fitting: “Look at the vowels and umlauts …”. That’s exactly it! People were actually LOOKING at NEO to find the best fit for certain keys. This might produce a sensible and sane layout - but not necessarily a 100% efficient layout. On AdNW, nobody was actually looking - they calculated things with a computer.

There is a nice statistical comparison of some German layouts over here if you are interested.

So can we make the case for “this layout is better than the other”? I would say: No, it really depends. It would be like saying: “Is Porsche the best car?” Well if you like speed and power, yeah maybe, but if you have 3 kids and a dog - hell no. Get a van! If you are using a standard keyboard, I guess NEO is a solid option. It just works, a lot of systems have it already installed, cut/copy/paste is easy, … Cool! But NEO isn’t designed for me personally. I use a highly custom mechanical keyboard, which I can program myself. So I basically carry around my layout within the keyboard and I can tweak the layout where I like - no problem. I can have cut/copy/paste on a dedicated key if I like. NEO’s secondary design goals simply don’t apply to me - so I can focus more on a statistically better option.

In the end, I agree to you: The choice of a keyboard layout should be a matter of personal taste and QWERTZ is crap. ;)

Yeah, if you are into tactile switches you definitely should! Especially the Kiwis feel great - a little bit like Zealios v2. However they are sometimes hard to get, since TKC sells in drops. But they are in stock at the moment I think.

There are also a lot of similar kits / PCBs if you are into building and configuring yiur keyboard. Something like a DZ60 for example can be quite nice.

Great talk by Klaus Leopold on the topic of "Why Agile Teams Have Nothing to Do With Business Agility" He explains quite well why so many people and companies fail to "go agile".

Some juicy TKC Kiwi & Dragonfruit switches fresh out of the press. Really looking forward to build something with them.

I’m really into custom keyboards that I build and programming myself, so I switched to something similar to Layer 3 & 4 quite some time ago. Never regretted it. It is just so comfy to type all the special characters. I didn’t manage to force myself to really leave quertz behind for a better layout (even though I did weeks of research and even tried to generate my own statistically optimized layouts.)

So I wonder: What would you think of the ADNW (Aus der Neo Welt) project - especially the KOY variant? I have a feeling that this would be “my” layout if choice.