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I mostly listen to German podcasts, so my recommendations will probably not be of any value to you - but Chaosradio by the German CCC is quite entertaining.

Is this serious or is it satire? Cause I can’t tell. 🤔

Is this document available anywhere? Sounds like a fun read.

Well, darn it. I didn’t even knew they existed. Would have seems pretty interesting.

Pretty cool read. Thanks for sharing!

Pretty sad, she seems to be gone?!

Sicherer Umgang mit IT als Unterrichtsfach

Nette Idee, aber ehrlich: Deutsche Schulen sind der Inbegriff des anti-digitalen und die aktuelle Lehrerschaft und das Lehramtsstudium wird sich in den nächsten 10-20 Jahren nicht sonderlich verändern. Wer genau soll das jetzt unterrichten?

I know Bob thinks we don’t need an organization for Craftmanship, but sometimes I wish there was one. Would make learning and interaction in the community much easier.

Do you have any good suggestions on material, groups, projects, … out there?

Irgendwie kann ich echt nur noch den Kopf schütteln… Gruselig was da abgeht.

Serious question: Why do people like chrome so much? I really don’t get it.

I mean, of course he is! I honesty thought this was was an open secret by this point.

A GME sublemmy. On this instance. On this network.

By the love of god! Is this really necessary?

Same thing with Firefox’s “Don’t track me” feature. Turning it on might have the adverse effect of making you more trackable.

Makes me still a little sad every time I think about it. :/

I’d rather like to see people being treated with compassion when they are expressing their concerns. I don’t think an “us vs. them” mentality will lead us anywhere. In the end, we’re all in this together.

I mean, I also had to take a deep breath while singninh the petition, since I’m not used to post that many private details online, too.

Anyhow, I can understand your reaction and the frustration. If we, as a privacy concerned group of people, don’t sign up for this, who else would?

So thanks for signing up and sharing. Let’s try to change something for the better!

It’s an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights), so I would deem it to be legit. If you trust the EDRi’s members, I wouldn’t worry toooo much.

I found out about the petition from the German organizations “Digitalcourage” and the “CCC” - and at least personally, I do trust them.

Edit: I changed the post description a little bit, due to the concerns you raised. Thanks! I hope this makes it a bit clearer for people.

There is always evil-mode ;)

You probably got flagged as a bot/troll. And since it was a new account, reddit is quick to remove suspicious ones.

I don’t think you would get removed for talking about the fed. There are entire subreddits about the topics with no problem.

But well, it’s probably not aspirational to be on reddit afterall.

Milan (the guy behind tchncs.de) is a really cool guy who is really capable in regards to IT infrastructure. Had some encounters with him back in my Diaspora days. I would deem him quite trustworthy, so personally I think his matrix instance is quite legit.

It’s an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights) and it’s members. …

Great talk by Klaus Leopold on the topic of “Why Agile Teams Have Nothing to Do With Business Agility” …

Some juicy TKC Kiwi & Dragonfruit switches fresh out of the press. Really looking forward to build something with them…