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Not an OS and maybe not ‘boring’ to use, but checkout the tools from https://suckless.org/

Have you tried doom doctor?

Really nice board! Congrats!

Which switches did you use?

Do you have any links or further info on that?

Feneas - the "Federated Networks Organization" - is dissolving!

Just got an official email by the heads of Feneas about them ending the Association and their (federated) services. …

NOTE: If anyone is looking for a German version - you can find it here: https://liberatingstructures.de/

The basics of "Liberating Structures"

This a very cool toolbox to increase the impact your meetings and interactions will have. No matter if you are agile or not - Liberating Structures can help to put “fun” and “efficiency” back into your get-togethers…

I mean, talking to yourself in a Lemmy post must be a real bummer. I could think of much more entertaining things to do.

It is certainly not the “truth” - no matter how often you reiterate it. And it is most certainly NOT science.

I won’t be able to change your mind, so I won’t even try. But it seems you are at least a compassionate individual, so thank you for that.

Have a good one.

App: AntennaPod

I mostly listen to German podcasts, so my recommendations will probably not be of any value to you - but Chaosradio by the German CCC is quite entertaining.

Is this serious or is it satire? Cause I can’t tell. 🤔

Is this document available anywhere? Sounds like a fun read.

Well, darn it. I didn’t even knew they existed. Would have seems pretty interesting.

Pretty cool read. Thanks for sharing!

Pretty sad, she seems to be gone?!

It’s an official campaign run by the EDRi (European Digital Rights) and it’s members. …

Great talk by Klaus Leopold on the topic of “Why Agile Teams Have Nothing to Do With Business Agility” …

Some juicy TKC Kiwi & Dragonfruit switches fresh out of the press. Really looking forward to build something with them…