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I understand your concern, but I don’t think you need to be worried about that. I mean, it’s not the first time an open project sees large scale participation from big corporate companies. Take Linux for example, where Google is one of several corporate contributors.

If someone from Facebook decides to remove OSM data for Google’s buildings, their user would probably be banned. I also don’t see that paying off.

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It would certainly be nice if that happened :grinning face: But I’m not holding my breath either.

Yeah, I really hope the Eruopean alternatives (such as Qwant) can keep growing. I also hope privacy laws and surveilance practice in USA can change, but it doesn’t look very promising… :see-no-evil monkey:

Are you referring to the favicon issue DDG had? Or the fact that search terms show up in your local browser history? DDG mgith not be perfect, but I still think that if you try to compare DDG to Google, then DDG is still 10000 times better. My biggest issue with DDG is that it’s US-based. So if they (hypothetically) became bigger then Google, then they wouldn’t have to care much about competition laws, and US government could turn to them and pressure them to add security holes that can be used for surveilance etc. (like they have done with others).

I mainly use Qwant, but I still sometimes use DDG (just add a “!ddg” to your Qwant search to be forwarded) if I don’t get good enough results. I think for many people a combination like that is the best option. Example:

  • If I want to search for something local to my country (a store, a Norwegian organisation, etc.), I use Qwant with location set to “Norway”.
  • If I want to search for something programming-related, I often search with Qwant first, and if I don’t get very relevant search results I add “!ddg” to my search, to be forwarded to DDG.

Some times I get better results on Qwant, but I have also experienced getting zero results when searching for something really specific. That seems to be a bug though, and is probably something that is going to improve in the future. In general I am quite happy with Qwant, and I love their new Qwant Maps!

Yeah, good point! And on top of all this, Trump hasn’t exactly been on friendly terms with Europe either. Sometimes I wonder what he’s thinking, but then I realise it’s Trump.

Yes, this definitely seems to be the case. Also, USA’s desperate effort to save their monopolies by shutting out Chinese companies could accelerate this. By restricting import into your own country you can allow certain industries to grow (China wouldn’t have their own search engines, browsers and phone manufactures if it wasn’t for The Great Firewall and import restrictions). However, preventing companies in your own country to SELL products to certain foreign companies is just foolish. Huawei is now forced to cut their ties with US companies and replace them with European and other non-US companies. This could cost US their tech monopoly, and will only strengthen foreign competition.

And regarding this: “When US suffers an economic crash, then it’s going to leave a huge void for EU and Canada that’s going to need to be filled” -> Depending on how fast it happens, it could also give Europe a chance to catch up in some industries (especially tech).

I don’t expect EU to ban Huawei, but I’m afraid many European countries will. In Norway our government was pushed to do so, and they have a habit of doing as USA tells them… AFAIK they did no security evaluation of Huawei. UK did several such evaluations, though in the end the decision was made by politicians based on… politics.

I agree with most of this. I’m not more focused on “deGoogling” myself than I am to avoid Microsoft/Amazon/Facebook/etc. However, it’s easier for me to avoid FB and Amazon than it is to avoid Google.

Google has a huge monopoly in the mobile market, and most people (not devs) are a lot more dependent on Google than they are on Microsoft. People use mobile phones (Android) more than computers. They search (Google) every day, and watch videos (Youtube) everyday. They are followed by ads (Google Ads) all the time, and Google ends up collecting huge amounts of data about their users, and creates a filter bubble for them. I suppose that’s why people are talking so much about “deGoogling”. While Micro$oft, Amazon and FB might be more evil, Google is a much bigger addiction for most people.

But I agree with your point. I think we should instead focus more on not feeding any of these large monopolies, and choose better alternatives.

Saying that “the belief that dog meat is tasty and good for health is etched into Chinese culture.” is about as accurate as saying “being racist is an essential part of Norwegian culture”. Sure, we have quite a few racists in Norway, but that still doesn’t make people judgeful against us as a nation. China, on the other hand, gets no sympathy. If someone in China does something we dislike, we immediately start making claims that it’s their culture. If someone in the west does something we dislike, then it’s just individual variety.

I have never met a Chinese person who thinks it’s healthy or Ok in any way to eat dog meat. The only person I know who has eaten dog meat was a Norwegian co-worker, who deliberately searched for a place he could eat dog meat when he visited China. What he didn’t know is that a big part of that market is done by crimminals, who steal other people’s pets. He was probably eating someone’s stolen pet.

I’m making a Japanese dictonary app btw.

Anyone else making Ubuntu Touch apps?

I just got my Pinephone and have started doing some app development for Ubuntu Touch. If there is anyone else here making apps for Ubuntu Touch, I’d love to cooperate on testing and giving feedback!..

Great post! Hopefully there will be a lot more nice apps coming to Ubuntu Touch in the near future, since a lot of people just got their Pinephone and have started playing around with it and developing apps. I’m aiming to publish my first app (Japanese dictionary) in maybe a week or two, and I’m probably not the only one.

FirefoxOS is dicontinued btw. It has a successor: KaiOS.

Thanks for sharing! This was really useful for me (we use C++ DLLs in Unity/C#).