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i can see the point and i would agree if. i just don’t know how to articulate the if so i’ll leave it there. anyway, if you’re not on beehaw, you can see the downvote. just so you know.

maybe i can because im not on beehaw? beside, why is that been disabled?

i almost downvoted it before checking the video hahaha! good one.

she already said everything i wanted to. :P

can’t really think of any title right now that can answer your question. it’s tricky because i think there loads of “group stories” which, as you said, stillmay fall in the chosen one category.

i think another issue to think about when discussing stories is the idea of “conflict” and how we are brought up to believe it is the only thing that can push any story forward and every fucking editor note will always be about conflict conflict conflict! hence, when seen in that frame, it is way easier to have one conflict that can be solved by one person and push for that until the end.

however, as ursula le guin wrote in this beautiful essay, the first step (and victory) is to kill this old and patriarcal way of looking at storytelling.

sorry, might have gone a bit off-topic, but because i really like the discussion and i think it can be broaden up.

even if he’s not the chosen one, shevek is basically the only and main one of the story.

already the fact that something is categorised for men or women it means that said thing is targeted to empower and uphold (in this specific case) binarism and, you know, usual patriarchy and whatnot.

in fact, rom coms in general and 500 days in particular are very problematic. 500 days can only have leftish values if seen through a liberal lens.

if we have to find a source and an answer for the question asked in the title, is that women, even when white, cis, straight and able, are already one box away from the dominant category. hence, they’re victims of more oppressions than the average man and have to work harder than the average man if they want to join the dominant party.

and this can be easily seen also in anarchists and leftist circles where men tend to be the main abusers and perpetrators of patriarcal and capitalist values and the main reason/cause for groups to dismantle/break apart.

ah, but the videos are not from peertube though…

it’s been 4 months now and, in the meantime, plume has also undergone a couple of updates it seems. what’s your opinion?

asking because i was about to start a similar thread. :P

so, well, i thought things changed for a while, but eventually they did not. at the next week meeting, i might going to voice my concerns (internalised hierarchies, unwelcoming space) and then take a break for a while.

we’ll see what happens.

i’m close to burnout anyway and a situation like this doesn’t help at all.

oh, i wrote “silly” because i was being sarcastic. i don’t think they’ve never been challenged. it’s hard to be alive on this planet and never ever being challenged by anyone that sees the world not the way you do. unless you don’t want to be challenged that is (e.g. you debunking their “opinions”, but they deciding to keep finding new excuses to “counter-debunking” you).

anyway, you do you, of course. wish you the best.

love & solidarity.

vagueness is the enemy of truth. and justice. and loads of other things.

just give a look to the newest police and immigration laws in europe and us.

ideally, it sounds very nice, almost as a fairy tale. someone might argue you are on a mission to debunk conspiracies and change people mind, but these are just useless assumption no one should make. :P

on a practical level, for now, i see a racist and a pro-nazi thread and you spending loads of energy to counteract all the “silly” things that are being said in those post.

i would never do it myself, but i respect you for that.

however, how long will you last before burning out?

bare in mind that, if my original comment was very much judgemental, i’m beyond that now because i believe you might actually be a good soul. :P

politically’neutral? lol is it a joke? neutral generally means fash, we know that, right? or do we still believe in the neutrality of switzerland?

tbf, Self-Hosted is a podcast so those “videos” are actually the podcast episodes.

I've been looking in general for a while for "*queered*" tarot decks and, despite having found different results over time, none of them has been properly satisfying. recently, i've been focusing on the thoth deck because a copy has been gifted to me and i fell in love with the art. we all know the many things said about crowley and **i'm not here to discuss them**. i don't like him and i stand by it. however, harris design of the cards speaks to me *soooo much*. in fact, i'm using a card in a language i don't know so not to be influenced by the (*personally i think*) pointless naming of the cards. but, well, i guess the original question is if **there is anyone who approached this deck from a queer and/or trans-feminist lens?** please let me know in case. sending mucho mucho amor.

hello! i would like to learn how to use emacs, but like i'm not a techy person of whatever. i can watch youtube tutorials and replicate and understand and then do things by myself. so, i was wondering if anyone knows any goo tutorial for "*our infinitely powerful editor*"? i'm currently learning basic of coding to create artsy stuff with [The Coding Train](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCvjgXvBlbQiydffZU7m1_aw). basically, if you know someone who's nice and clear like him, would be ideal. **:)**

i'm part of a relatively new group. this group was born after the training of a bigger and older collective, but it's been said that the group, since the beginning, is autonomous from the other. the group is not openly an anarchist group (also because probably not everyone identifies as one), but it is definitely an abolitionist group with a non-hierarchical organising. as part of this group, there are also two members of the older and bigger group. this was a great thing for us at the beginning because it kind of helped start us up. however, now things are getting a bit sour. since the beginning, due to their "louder" voices they always managed to steer the group towards decisions and path they preferred. a thing which is happening still now especially when the group is involved in actions where they do nothing but backup the bigger and older group. on top of that, there is some sort of "internalised worshipping and leadership culture" constantly coming up from the other members. no one ever actually challenge the elders and, by never feeling challenged, they probably not even notice what they're doing. i've seen people literally step down from the facilitator role the moment one of these elders entered the room. i'm writing this here as a first post because it's something that's obsessing me. right now, i just think i want to leave the group since i cannot stand following a guru, but i would also like to discuss the thing with anyone who has been in a similar situation and managed to get out of it. so, please, hmu. :)