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I just wonder why your username is racist and chauvinistic against Poles

It was in fact reported by the UN. As for the claim that Muslims approve of the treatment of Uyghurs in China that is false. The envoys you mentioned are not Islamic and do not represent Muslims.

I’ve criticized America much more than I ever criticized China. You are hypocritically collecting lists of US crimes and not Chinese crimes. Hmm I wonder why you neglect that. Oh yes confirmation bias.

Anyway your assessment of me is baseless. Keep harping on that dumb claim that I hate China.

Yes, but it’s a white supremacist culture. Russian national identity is based on the notion that they are white Christians who defeated evil gay Asian invaders and saved their sacred white European nation in the process. You can see this clearly in Russian media like in the movie Kolovrat where the Mongol villains are depicted as gender queer.

In Russia not all people in Russia are called “Russan”. The people there who look Asian, particularly if they have black hair or look non-white in any way are called churka, the Russian equivalent of n****r, or gypsy. People who can’t speak Russian are subject to abuse, like if you speak an Asian language in Moscow you might get told to “speak human”. I could go on but you get the picture.

Your whataboutism is pretty useless. China also uses its tech companies for spying. China’s mass surveillance program is larger and more ambitious. If anyone has been duped by propaganda it’s you.

Euro centric is a loaded term. It’s a kind of Indo European language but most people on Earth speak an IE language so it’s the most efficient route.

Actually according to the UN China is still using slavery. I agree China didn’t do all the bad things America has done yet, but does some and will do more. It’s the nature of power and wealth. China is already exploiting foreign lands, as I live in one of them. There are other inaccuracies in what you wrote but this much suffices.

I did not claim anywhere what you wrote in your second paragraph. Just throwing out “white western chauvinism” is absurd. What kind of nonsense is this?

Stop fetishizing and othering China by claiming it’s exceptional and angelic. It’s just a normal country like any other and the issue is not China’s rise, it is what its politicians will do after the rise that’s important.

I don’t see how that stops the state’s mass surveillance programs

A German-Chinese alliance will be good as it will help them both to contain Russia.

In my opinion, this is a ridiculous question and demonstrates why we need better education in the humanities.

Very difficult to implement and potentially little reward. I’m not convinced the community would benefit much from a bunch of machine translation. I think the expectation is reasonable that people will gather in communities based on the languages they know so if you have speakers of Italian on Lemmy, for example, they will use an Italian instance or Italian communities. This is already well supported by the software.

If people from different linguistic backgrounds need to communicate using a common language, the best choice would be Esperanto.

They do? They don’t follow it…

Honestly? I think it’s not worth the trouble. It sounds cool but we’re better off without it

If only they were were as smart and developed as the monkeys in that movie

Just because it’s for another country doesn’t mean it’s not nationalism…

You mentioned living under the US government, but now I understand better what you meant.

How is that relevant? If China were the global hegemon and not the US you still wouldn’t have a job

I’m a leftist, and you are nothing but a nationalist reactionary

Ah you do realize that’s not what centrism is

This is not entirely accurate, but you are right that they haven’t developed to that stage yet of invading countries on the other side of the world, but if the power level gets high enough that’s exactly what will happen. USA was also where China is at now and it took a while to get to that point. China has its own version of some of the things you mentioned, and some other things that are not pleasant. Your optimism that China will be a better hegemon than past ones in history is sadly naive.

That’s all tied under US surveillance. The PRC has its social media operations and tech companies too. Basically everything you hate about the USA, they are doing it too

I think not. Just create a new account on that server, maybe link to it in the profile of your old account

Right like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “claim”… ? I understand why you would assume I’ve never been to this part of the world, but I do in fact live here. The place I live is basically a Russian colonial asset, and China has started colonizing it recently too, although Chinese culture is not yet very influential here. Because of where I live I experienced first hand the right-wing conservatism that Russia exports, and has exported since the time of the USSR, that Russians are a superior nation, a superior white race, have a superior language and culture, that Asians are subhumans, that homosexuals are evil, Jews are evil, and so on… people are forced to go to nationalist rallies and marches, adore their “leader”, and all that wonderful stuff. You don’t even want to know the fucked up stuff that goes on in primary schools, where most of this stuff starts. Anyway I could go on but I’ve never seen fascism as up close in my life than when I moved to the Russian sphere. I’ve had neighbors “disappear”, coworkers going into hiding after the police saw them at a political rally and then came to their workplace, and more. You would never want to live here just stay in North America or Western Europe or wherever it is Lemmy communists are from. You can play make-believe with your first world communism, but over here in Asia it’s a different story. I was surprised when I moved here I thought the local communist party would be some kind of progressive organization and then I found out it’s a bunch of conservatives who want Russian colonialism to be revitalized.

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