Trans woman, Marxist-Leninist, enjoyer of linguistics and Lenin (communist with adjectives 😳)

I go by May mostly, but also dont mind Amy.

she/her discord: Mayz#1406

I currently speak: English (first language) Russian (learning), Yiddish (learning), and Toki Pona (fluent.)

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this doxxing is getting serious, its almost suspicious how much pictures adora and grain eater have of each other. Like they’re the same person??? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

im running out of pictures so heres the goomba from the mario movie

Here’s some I recommend:

General: Comradeship, More tankie 196. Leftsthetics, Tankietunes, memes, US news.

Bad takes:

Shit liberals say, Shit patsocs say, Shit anarchists say, The libs can’t meme, nonsense Ukraine takes, r/historymemes worst takes.

other than these I recommend you browse somewhat, the search bar can be used fairly well. If you like something look it up there and sort by community! If you’re at all LGBTQ+ or interested we have a good community for Red Pride and the Trans community. Really anything you like most likely has a (even if inactive) community.

The only way I can see it happening is a mutual (friend on my part, and acquaintance on his part) I could assume it happened. I am amazing friends with said mutual friend (on my part) and visit him even though he lives across the country. I call him all the time, and he accepts me, but im not sure he understands completely gender as it is. (I’m educating him lol) and maybe he told him? Theyre friends on switch and that’s it lol. Definitely weird or maybe transphobic.

One of my (I guess) friends who I haven’t talked to in two years I tried to reach out to (we played smash bros together, and being I recently became ranked state wise in melee, we played ultimate but I thought he would care.) Anyway he didn’t text and when he did it went like this:

is this how Christians greet people? either way I dont think he knows I transitioned, but like ok.

So glad I left the anime community in highschool… There is literal fearmongering about how removing CP (and I dont mean the communist party) will destroy all cool anime ever. I believed the shit, still recovering like 4 year later.

I accidentally visited again, ummmm rule.

I dont even know if this is relevant, its all I have in my picture files, god damn these rules

This is also a reminder that amerikkka can and will take more land if given the chance, land loss happened as recent as 1992, its not a super old thing we should “get over.”

Felt right since I didn’t know if you would be back at the time, thanks for being based :)

Its a shame too I talked to him once briefly and he seemed very cool

Okay, so I checked everything, that being if the email was entered correctly, searching all email folders, etc. Still isn’t there. However if it helps at all I noticed I also haven’t received email notifications. Ill try to use a different email and see if maybe I can get it on my other google accounts.

I did check spam just now, and it’s not there, but I’m gonna see if I somehow disabled it.

You’re quick gotchas aren’t much. "Maybe don’t be an archetypal settler

Me, who lives in the same continent where my ancestors lived for millenia, being told by you, from United States, that I am a settler. You prove that anglos are only good at projection."

You may live anywhere, but I agree with what is said on this post above. You still support settler colonialism, doesn’t matter if you’re one or not.

Tech bros are a bit different from programmers. My step dad works at a tech company and is, while a great friend of mine, mildly the persona of a tech bro. He sells software however, a long with others who make it. Most open source programmers and others who program in their house, are very different from these types. Like a lot of things, you need a college degree, an internship and like 5 years of experience, or more likely a wealthy dad. (btw though not defending nutomic or any wealthy tech bros.)

That fucking sucks. “but clearly it’s because you we’re wearing clothes that aren’t 8 feet long 🤓🤓🤓”

Weird thing to talk about here, but I cant get into my lemmygrad account on my new pc.
I believe it's site related being I forgot my password and entered my email to get a sign in email yet it hasn't come. If you could help it'd be nice because I dont want to keep using my old laptop. thanks.

Three down in one year!!!! God is on our side, or perhaps satan lol, however, UP THE RA!!!!

haven't posted here in a while so heres some based cuban music

-Warning- Ayden George is not great
(DISCLAIMER: This post is not to ask people to stop posting his remixes and songs, rather just a grain of salt for when you do.) I feel bad posting this here being it's for music but being that i'm a mod and this is where most of his music shows up i'd thought i'd add that he's a supporter of revisionism. His most recent remix is of the Igor Talkov song "I'll return" and is "dedicated to Mikhail Gorbachev." Gorby not only put "perestroika" that being capitalism, in place but continued Kruchnev's legacy. No communists should support him. But it's not surprising, he like Hoi4 more than communism.

I apologize for the poor lighting quality, I have better looking ones but this is the only one on my computer

I made it for myself, but it goes fairly hard so here it is

I have an appointment to obtain estrogen soon 😎😎
thats all, hope everyone having a lovely day, im very happy.😎😎

it's part two but I assume most of us know the first part and who kautsky and others were. Feel free to enjoy the first part idc lol.

There is my debunking