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We vote with our wallets. We vote with our attention.

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Checking it out. Last update 4 years ago?..

The online environment generally has become way less friendly than what it was so that’s understandable

Depends on what are the conditions you have to scan them and how good you need your scan to be. The only times I needed to scan a book or documents I had to do it fast and wasn’t worried about quality so my phone and CamScanner app did the trick

created by the deletor

Risposta corta: c’è tanti app per conoscere persone, prova tutte.

Risposta lunga: non to fidare che sei un inadatto sociali. fai le robe che te piaceno ma in grupo- lan parties, Giochi da tavolo, etc. Cerca questi gruppi en le app che o detto prima. Io ho fatto eventi di couchsurfing, meet ups, etc, in 10 aveva un 5 che faceva conversazione ok. Ma ora in tempi di pandemia no lo so. Ho sentito parlare di gruppi zoom che fanno serate di chiacchierare tra strani.

PS: scusa il mio italiano non sono nativo. Spero che ho aiutato.

Yes I can see the assets benefiting epic games, unsure about Adobe though. Many blender tutorials (CG matter as an example) uses gimp or other free software for textures.

funding Blender saves them money in the long run. If their artists had to use a commercial product then they’d have to license it

How does this work for Adobe? Blender is a direct threat to After Effects and cinema 4d for example.

it also doesn’t work from night to day - see it as a gym, practice practice practice

Random fact, although living in not very sunny environments, vikings didn’t have vitamin D deficiency because of their fish based diet (mainly codfish).

Magnesium is also one of the things our body is always low on and it benefits a lot - it’s also cheap

Check they might have something. I think I saw there a report related to Assange recently

u/Matheo_biz comment is not out of place. It is very valid to doubt philantropy from corps. And this one is especially weird because Blender direct competes against their products and it is a very real threat to their existence.

A problem without a solution is already solved.

Not wanting to provoke you, but it’s pretty clear to me. I don’t like the overall design but I can read that Libre office is free and to me as a normie comes across as i don’t have to pay for it

I’m with you but. Use the tools according to your needs. Staring at social media feeling like you have to post something but not knowing what to post, feels like the tool has you, instead. Like kids doing tiktoks because the tool has created the behaviour, the norm for what is to have fun. If others want to post mundane things and share useless things let them too, we don’t know what people are going through. Maybe they are lonely maybe they need attention. We can always mute/ visit it less often. You can curate your usage but not expect others do it to your standards. is a healthier way to look at it. Social media doesn’t feel like the place for curated content anyway, it’s designed to incentivise these kinds of immediate usage that you critic. If you are staring at the empty box and not knowing what to post and that’s giving you a crisis, stop and ask yourself what you are doing it, why are you doing it, what are you trying to achieve and how that will help you.

Product Design trends 2021

We are already in July but yeah still interesting…


Yea this would b cool, more organic. And if it even tries to go away from the standard social media linearity like Mastodon or the-like, maybe with also a more organic visual too, like real conversations, the first thing that comes to my mind is

That’s awesome, thanks for your work

I see! Maybe this is a useful idea, there are some channels that at the end of the videos they ask “what theme do you want me to do a video next? option 1 or option 2?” and the viewers answer in the comments. I think this simple interaction might help bring more ppl back for the next video.

It is what every channel is looking for, more views, more returns, more engagement, growth. It is understandable of course, but I would not consider failure if you feel you are not going fast enough. Is it because you make this a full-time job? There are youtube videos that pick up after 2 years, the other day I saw a website that got international attention after even 11 years. I think your content is good and as soon you focus on quality and be happy in making them, it will turn out well. Maybe get a couple of translators to voice over your videos in Spanish / Chinese / French to create these language versions. Perhaps look into reaching other channel creators that have bigger audience and the content is related, asking for a shout-out. If you already are doing what they are doing and at the same quality level but you just don’t hit the numbers, don’t think there is something wrong. Also in this period people are leaving lockdown so there is a downward trend in digital engagement everywhere. I am not a channel expert but I do see this anxiety of engagement in many heads, and it is an affliction.

simple collage on The Great Reset ‘mood’, made from internet archive images…

Price expected 90$…

Was looking for an open source alternative to Webflow and found Silex. Wondering if anyone has any experience/opinions on it …


MichaelSoft Binbows, the Quest

what a ride…

Having a hard time watching, is anyone else having trouble keeping the video playing normally? Gets better when I watch it second time like it needed it load first but still …

Cartoon by chinese state press mocking (from left to right) Germany, Australia Japan, Italy, US, the UK, Canada, France and India (frog in the front supposedly being Taiwan)…

The G7 summit

pretty little business you guys got here

Artist: Walt Handelsman…

Like father, like son


how The Isle brings a fresh twist to pvp

Although the game is going in a dubious direction, the latest sovietwomble video on how The Isle brings a fresh twist to pvp makes good points and an entertaining watch …

Deleting old comments deleted recent ones

What the title says, anyone else had this? Im on the android app…

I don't get app notifications nor I see options in the settings (mobile)

To see if anyone engaged w my comments I have to to check them individually. How do I set notifications? …

how can I see my profile on mobile app?

when i clock the bottom right ‘person’ icon it shows me someone else’s profile ?..