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This is incorrect, this is not an impossible situation with “no good side”, but one of settler colonialism and apartheid enabled by support from Western powers (chiefly the US). Israel is an ethno-nationalist state based on the ideology of displacing its Palestinian population and perserving a Jewish ruling majority over the territory it controls. Over 700 000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homes in 1947-1948. Since then Israel has denied the right of return of refugees and has continued to ethnically cleanse land within Israeli borders and in land illegally occupied since 1967 (East Jerusalem, West Bank & Golan Heights). All of which are violations of international law and are also violations of multiple UN resolutions.









It would be great if it supported Latex. The main reason people use overleaf is for ease of use in collaborating on papers needing Latex.

That means you live in a city not designed for everyone and nor is every trip accessible by walking. Have a look at the old city of Fes, and tell me that you need a car to do those trips? Take a look at Istanbul. People have lived in large cities without a car for centuries. Supermarkets are not a prerequisite for living in a city. Similarly, children, the elderly, people with disabilities can be accommodated easily without cars. For example, the social environment can make a big difference, such as support from family and neighbours.

The design of the city can reduce the ‘need’ to drive a car to zero. Small shops in every neighbourhood, schools within walking distance, public transit that gets you everywhere etc. There are many cities in the world where less than 10% of the population use a car.

msft market cap roughly equals the gdp of Italy.

FYI, that’s a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison. GDP is measured in annual income, whereas market cap is a risk-adjusted present value discount of ALL expected future income. Market cap is more analogous to wealth or the value of an asset. Alternatively, Microsoft last year had 143 billion USD in earnings, that would be the right comparison to Italy’s GDP.

Garmin level functionality in an open smartwatch would be incredible. Please make this happen!

Public transport makes sense at scale (starting from buses, all the way up to metros/subways). Anything that looks to emulate personal automobiles is a joke. Apart from cycling, personalized transport isn’t necessary in cities. We can do so much better with standard public transport.

Read the various studies published in leading scientific journals on covid vaccine efficacy.

Forgive me if this is poorly phrased, I’m very much a noob, but if they wanted to block XMPP, is it possible to identify all traffic to any XMPP server/from any XMPP client?

Agreed, we shouldn’t seek to port content, but to share our own interests and have our own natural discussions.

If any picture were to be a summary of Los Angeles, this is it. Suburban looking shopping centre parking lot and a fucking Mercedes golf cart next to a palm tree.

At the very bottom of the page there’s usually a link that says: “Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser”

Just go on hacker news whenever someone mentions wayland. The criticisms are often beyond absurd.

Honestly, aerc is all you need. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s been great.