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Point 3 is definitely a big one - literally every video on YouTube related to COVID or the US government’s response to it has either been dislike bombed or has tons of comments calling the entire thing a hoax/encouraging people to not wear masks/telling people to refuse vaccinations.

Even the CDC’s own YT channel has this problem, and I find it amazing that so many people would go so far out of their way to find and dislike bomb a government agency’s YT channel when they’re just trying to keep people informed.

I’m always a bit weary of term limits since that’s usually a way for special interest groups to start writing legislation for new members. I think a mandatory retirement age would be better.

Cool. I hope he pushes some decent climate change legislation through, like the GND.

Hi, former community leader for DuckDuckHack here. I think your best bet is to try emailing them at open@duckduckgo.com, their general contact email.

So far it seems like Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, McConnell, Collins, and Toomey will vote to convict. Considering the future minority leader is supportive of this, I think there’s a solid shot of convicting him after control of the chamber flips.

Whatever the outcome, I hope that Democrats move on quickly after this and start pushing some progressive policies through, now that they have a working majority. Passing the Green New Deal (or GND-esque legislation) might be asking for too much but I hope it at least gets a solid debate.

Disappointing but unsurprising. I wonder if the Senate will vote to convict him after control flips to Democrats.

Isn’t TASS Russian state media?

Ken Jennings's first day as guest host of Jeopardy!

Anyone watch his first episode yesterday? I thought he did pretty well as host! Obviously not at an Alex Trebek level yet, but I think that with time he’d be a good permanent replacement. …

NPR certainly has a pro-US tilt in its reporting, but I still think that it’s one of the least sensationalist and biased outlets in the US. Plus the podcasts and local reporting pieces are usually pretty good.

Authoritarians inciting mobs should be charged with crimes.

In fairness, a lot of this isn’t Microsoft itself, it’s the work of warmongers who think that the US should walk away from denuclearization deals. I’m sure Microsoft would make its products available to a market with 83M people in it if they were just going off of profit motive.

Interesting. Hopefully the progressive wing doesn’t go down this route - I’m really hoping they’ll be able to push the party to the left.

Hasn’t the argument mainly been that GWB “wasn’t as bad” as Trump? I don’t think I’ve heard of Democrats actively saying he was a good president, but I could be wrong.

I’m hoping Congress will drop their push for liability protections if Warnock/Ossoff are elected in Georgia. That’s probably asking for too much though. …

I think there are less invasive ways of advertising a contact tracing app, but I’m not surprised governments are going to this extent considering how bad the situation has gotten in the last month.

My (US) state has a contact tracing app. I haven’t downloaded it because I essentially never leave home, but if I was going out more often I would probably download it and hope that the whole “we only use Bluetooth LE, your location is never sent back to us” line in their privacy policy is true.

My French is a bit rusty but it’s something like this:

"Shops will open and more people will cross paths. To keep control over the pandemic, the Ministry of Health recommends you download the AllAntiCovid app now. Over ten million French have already used the app. They [users] were alerted earlier in the event of contact with the virus and were able to get tested. "

Interesting, I’ll have to give it a try.

How similar is this to Minetest?

I found this mix a few months ago and it’s absolutely excellent, never knew they did an essential mix.

Python’s usability is (IMO) unmatched though. But yeah, for anything more than simple apps I can see how it gets annoying to use.

Matrix chat?

There are a couple of fairly active UMD Discord servers (including the official one that the subreddit r/UMD links to), but I’m wondering if anyone has created one on Matrix? …

Thoughts on Aether?

I’ve been getting more interested in federated/distributed/decentralized networks recently, and I was curious if anyone has tried Aether? Their main advantage seems to be that they’re P2P vs. federated like Lemmy, but they also seem to be super low activity…