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Alternatively, we try to have a space on the internet that isn’t built around the acquisition of wealth?

Just showing that the overseer effect requires you to first have a heart and soul…

On a grand enough scale, you will always be right! :)

The problem with this is simple: Not taking down dangerous information is a dereliction of duty of care for information custodianship.


Confidentiality refers to the prevention of unauthorized, unwarranted, and unacceptable access to information. In this case, if you are hosting the information of an individual (PII, for instance) you have an obligation to protect that data both for yourself, and the individual that data represents. To publicly share PII like this is a violation of information ethics.

Integrity refers to the ability to protect data from unauthorized access. What most people forget, ignore, and blatantly argue against is that it also refers to the accuracy and “correctness” of the data. Data that is inaccurate, incorrect, or otherwise improper can not adequately be used for any sort of analytical work, and more importantly impacts the information flow in real time. Flawed data, allowed to continue propagating, prevents the flow of correct information with high integrity. The very publication and repetition of dis- and misinformation is a violation of integrity.

Availability refers to the appropriate and proper access to the data or information being protected. In these cases, data allowed to be accessible by others is not only a violation of confidentiality, but is a de facto violation of availability. The protection of availability is often at odds with, but always tied to, the confidentiality of the data. Without proper confidentiality protection, and without authorization restrictions to allow for appropriate access to the data or information, availability is out of balance.

Say what you will about things, but the flow of dis- and misinformation and everyone who allows for it to continue is by very definition a threat to both small-scale information security, and larger-scale information security.

The view that all viewpoints are valid and equal is demonstrably dangerous throughout history. German has a word for those who are willing to allow for an extreme group to rise, despite knowing better: Mitläufer. It’s commonly used, in German, to refer to anyone who hitches their wagon to an extremist horse and indirectly supports them. Note: not someone who actively supports them, but the kind of people who say “FREE SPEECH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE!”

Edit for further clarity: I wanted to add that I am perturbed that archives were also destroyed. Keeping those, scrubbed of doxx’d data and information, would have allowed investigators the ability to find the people in charge of Kiwi Farms and get a clear view of who the individuals were. That is now lost, but at the expense of proper information custodianship. Admittedly, the task of cleaning that data for ethical storage would have been a nightmare to undertake.

They definitely took my money for awhile, but I stopped that eventually.

Ultimately the problems I had were a lot of folks who were not legally allowed to own guns trying to get guns (like, beat their wives, had prior gun violence raps, one of them shot a guy for telling them they were going to need gas money)… Not a whole lot of activity, and at least 2 officially sanctioned orgies as the only meetups I could find for a year.

But that’s gonna be different for each group so, find a good chapter and it’s probably pretty great.

You will never convince me this was not intentionally, lol

Thanks for clearing up that you don’t understand science, generally. Have a great one!

It really is. Psychiatry is a medical practice (one of the neurosciences) which relies heavily on chemical analysis, structural analysis, and comparison to global and individual baseline using tests such as MRI, fMRI, CT, PET, and other scans. Additionally, Psychiatry has an holistic component (hence why practitioners of Psychiatry have medical degrees and licensure, unlike psychological counselors), whereby the rest of the body and the impact that can have on medication, testing, resolution, and practical management of disorders and illnesses.

You’re objectively, and likely willfully, confusing the fields of clinical psychology and Psychiatry. You’re resting all of this on some version of the DSM, which is only used where necessary because even many practitioners take umbrage with much of the DSM (another reason why Psychiatry is not only a better science, but a better practice, is that it doesn’t require reliance on the DSM like much of clinical psychology does).

Note this is different from Neuropsychology and CBT practitioners, although there is some overlap and confusion for laypeople in the differences between the psychological practices from some of the neurosciences.

Edit because I forgot to include this: What is your opinion and experience of the ICD codes for diagnostics? Additionally, what is your experience utilizing and experience with the DSM in practice?

Psychiatry is a science, it’s the intersection between cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience.

Psychology is the one that’s a softer science, but even that has reasonable outcomes on the individual level. It just fails to succeed at being population benefiting in any substantive way.

That is also a fantastic idea! Thanks for the notice… I fixed my SSL problem thanks to your report!

Yeaaaa, I’m going to fix that today. I noticed it when I tried to load. It looks like I’m a dumbass and put the cert name as “sb17.space” instead of “*.sb17.space” or “www.sb17.space” and it’s causing all sorts of hiccups.

It was the “Yet you participate in society” meme, while I fix that.

Gowron was a PetaQ who chose personal glory over the honor of the empire.

Your memes are fire though, Take my upvote.

Not enough conversation in the world, in any space scientific or otherwise, talks enough about how efficiency is a measurement of scale in any given system.

A system can be efficient at large scale, and inefficient at small scale. This isn’t even only true of systems like “10,000 people ride inefficient train, so it saves 10,000 cars on the road, and the carbon cost of producing Teslas.” The SR-71 Blackbird can barely fly at speeds slow enough to take off. It CHEWS fuel on the runway. But at speed, it’s extremely efficient and one of the most capable objects we know of.

It might not do well if only 50 people ride it a day, but those old diesel train clunkers can move a lot of people.

Firearms safety rules to follow
Remember the 4 main rules of Firearm Safety: - Always treat firearms as if they are loaded - Control your muzzle direction at all times - Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire - Be aware of your target and what is around or behind it These 4 rules will keep you and your family/friends safe on the range. So, before you go out, remember: A.C.A.B.

Scatology is one of those things that I feel like isn’t taken seriously enough.

Then studies like this happen 🙃