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I go a little extra with Firefox Multi-Account Containers; keeps your online identities privately isolated in their own container.

“Everyone has their own words, the language is built to choose sides.”

If it’s such a serious credibility problem, what alternative sources are there?

I think repositories of knowledge should be taken as informative and not authoritative sources. Take for example F-Droid. They may exclusively host open sourced apps but may include ones where they transparently inform of bundled proprietary blobs or for-profit online services. And, just because you can slap an open source label onto something doesn’t (perceptively) make it secure. Sure, open source allows for independent audits of source codes but will an average user/consumer be savvy enough to know or care of their inner workings?

Someone is going to make the subjective suggestion of stiff meat when comparing and contrasting between lab-grown and fainting goats…

Or a better understanding of how (centralized) social networks work. Scuttlebutt as I understand it would be the “bottom of the barrel” of social networking hierarchy or the rumor mill, as the original developer intended and is meant for “off the grid” purposes.

  • Centralized: everyone (including their respective groups) on the island
  • Federated: groups of people on their own island
  • Scuttlebutt: one-man island (with pubs as gateways to federation and up)

I could say the same for you, between global warming, nuclear energy, and having ten years left of our lives. That last bit is not a fact but a projection, then you dumped a bunch of articles claiming why it is.

After traversing those links, I’m still not convinced. I’m saying I’d rather (in my opinion) read about solutions rather than the symptoms. JFCx2.

Is English your second language or are you trolling? Are you treating every one of my replies independently without context from previous replies? Have you not read the rest of the comments in this post and taken them into consideration? Jesus Fucking Christ.

I would imagine this being the case for countries in the northern and southern-most hemisphere, seasonally.

You just repeated what I said.

This entire year re-taught me more on the dynamics of social networking than all the previous years since I started using them; one centralized silo to the next. I’ll pass regardless.

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire…”

They’re not facts, they’re scientific research and investigative reporting over periods of time. What I meant by systemic is by what pertains to the overall trend of human consumption and seemingly lack of conservation.

Look at it from the perspective of a stock exchange microcosm. There’s science to be observed and made within that system where every aspect of human driven economics are at play. Then look at the global scale of how countries drive those markets. If you were to reflect this system into how it relates to our world of biomimicry, you’d understand that it is one tiny pathway to how the world works.

It’s sensational because there’s a lot of research being done on this topic but no real world solutions. That’s not to say there aren’t any in the works (eg: fusion reactors, carbon capture, solar panel efficiencies, etc). I’d say it’s more productive to be reading those sorts of advancements than constantly reading about the doom and gloom.

I deleted an account of 10 years recently and I have no regrets.

Linking a bunch of scientific articles and studies of our impending doom. An average nobody couldn’t care less. It’s more subtly systemic than that.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy reading this sort of stuff but there aren’t any reasonable solutions to “this problem” on a global scale.

Viva la mass extinction.

And to think the dinosaurs didn’t have to kill themselves when we’re doing it to ourselves, millions of years later. Get over the sensationalism.

I recently saw a promotional ad with Elon Musk’s Tesla/SolarCity deployments per residence and tying the panels with an onsite battery and optionally connected to the grid. But yes, the raw and rare earth resources required to produce these panels are fast becoming a conflict resource, just like conflict diamonds in Africa.

Yes we can. I don’t believe in the mass extinction theory they claim that is fast approaching and, I don’t believe there is any way for an immediate fix. Until new methods of energy production and efficient energy conservation can be achieved, the best we can do is brace for the worst now. Going nuclear should never be the answer.

I did thoroughly enjoy the Death Stranding game though and Snowpiercer was an awesome film.

While true we’ve made the process of recycling more efficient, there are still byproducts from it that cannot. Burying and sealing them underground may seem to be the most effective disposal but is never meant to be sustainable. And yes, it doesn’t necessarily contribute to global warming but that’s a topic in of itself. Truth be told, there are still high uncertainty in the number of pathways in our world in which we can affect and that process cannot be stopped outright by international cooperation.

Thorium is also naturally occurring and estimated to be three times more abundant than Uranium.

If they ever get fusion reactors working which I imagine is still a long ways off.

They say nuclear energy is clean but I tend to disagree. Nuclear waste (in America) is still disposed of in a deep underground storage facility. The Yucca Mountain Waste Repository in Nevada is one of such sites and if I recall correctly, there is also a relatively new one in New Mexico called the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

I recall reading about an alternative fuel source called Thorium and the promises it could potentially bring.

Trump kicked him out of the WH long before that so technically, he wasn’t even a public official. It was still said quite distastefully, just as much as protesters who’ve literally done it.

When people take social media literally when one meant it figuratively. Goes to show how easily people can become triggered. It’s one thing to hear someone say it but it’s different when one actually sees it; there were instances of actors and larpers posing with the faux head of Trump as part of a skit and part of a rally.

The latter have gone insane.