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oh no worries, I’m not tho, I do believe someone asked me that once here as well, it’s just based on the Sankara quote

“Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation - fluoridation of water?”

Álvaro Cunhal - As lutas de classes em Portugal nos fins da Idade Média

I guess a bit niche, and I’m pretty sure there’s no English translation

the EU fined Google for about 9 billion iirc, dunno what came of it

Tom Scott just made a video on this, apparently this was the case back in the day in England, so in case of a big fire the firefighters would only save the properties which they had contract with, happily letting any other burn to the ground

if these would be included in a new apartment under socialism or if these would exclusively be full publicly accessible facilities

if it’s public housing those facilities would be also public

and yes ofc, those COMMUNAL places would exist under COMMUNISM, it’s not very much different than having a kid’s park around

this is awesome dude, I just have to nitpick some technical aspects:

  • you zoomed in to upscale and have the 16:9 standard, I would rather have cropped the side margins and adopt the academy ratio or even the standard 4:3 ratio, as now it looks more like a wide Parenti, his head fills too much of the canvas
  • you masked the static noise but I think Parenti’s voice lost some punch, lost some dynamic range, even though overall the audio is quieter

otherwise this is really cool, props for using your free time for such a thing <3

“History shows that liberation struggle is in general preceded by an intensification of cultural manifestos, and, consequently, national liberation is, necessarily, an act of culture.” - Amílcar Cabral (adapted)

A quote that goes hand in hand with the base-superstructure dicotomy conceptualized by Marx

In general ex-USSR countries (+ China and DPRK) dominate this sport. The Soviets had it down to a science.

Indeed, their training method of step loading is great, I’ve adopted it recently and love it.

But it’s no exaggeration saying they had it down to a science, they would study the progression of an athlete for 2 or 3 olympic cycles, instead of the more usual 5 or 6 months and make assumptions from there.

To me the way those countries treat/treated sports is fascinating, there’s so much choice, incentive and support starting from a young age.