I’ll have your autoclicker for $10, please.

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Any one else on pixelfed you like? This might be the first person i follow there

AFK arena pays people via Mistplay to play it. Does Destiny Child have a similar arrangement on any service?

In other words, can I receive money for playing Destiny Child? Mistplay basically watches to make sure you’re actually playing X game, then pays you microscopic amounts of money eventually if you play that game long enough…

If you're on a tight budget, download peertube vids, then watch them, rather then stream them

My download speed for a bunch of peertube vids are quite horrible and i cant stream some peertube vids without interruption…

Gimp isn't far off from being a true photoshop competitor

It’s more to do with the whole Adobe suite. I use Lightroom as an asset management database. It integrates with Photoshop and Camera Raw as a photo editor. The main difference between the GIMP and PS editors was the ability to edit non-destructively directly on a raw format instead of destructively …

ubuntu, the default ubuntu from https://ubuntu.com/ but version 20

Can I get ubuntu to exit a frozen task quicker?

When my relic of a computer freezes (which happens a lot) it’ll be due to like a firefox page getting jammed. Eventually the computer asks if I want to force close the application. But i’ve never managed to get it to register my ‘force close’ click selection once my keyboard inputs also freeze. I wo…

Looking for an offline/online calendar that can sync to multiple devices

A bunch of calendars only work when connected to the internet. Others don’t sync across multiple types of devices (linux, android, apple, etc). …

How does rekeying a kwikset smart lock work?

I’ve watched a few videos and I don’t get how it really works. …

New community: Scams

Post anything related to scams. I expect it’ll be people posting scams they find online in part to educate others on what to avoid, and in part for entertainment…

Job application scam

Scammer offers a higher income than is reasonable. Insists on moving conversation to telegram. Asks a bunch of interview questions, but over text. If you reply slowly, the scammer pressures you to reply faster. Then sends you “document.docx” which says: …

Job application scam

couldn’t load it on 2 different devices


It can sorta do what your asking for

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what c/ did you think we were in? Because your answer seems relevant here too

What’s your favorite free service in terms of privacy?

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Element. I find it is a helpful tool for organizing a group