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It sucks that most people live under governments that will fail them at every opportunity.

Ocarina of Time is still one of my favorites. I think that’s the only other Zelda game I’ve played so far. I like how easy this game has been to get into.

Finally started playing Breath of the Wild.
I'm honestly not much of a gamer. I'll go months without playing. But I'm finally giving this game a shot. I like it so far.

That’s true. My old friends just weren’t very nice. I’ve also decided to try to re-connect with my brother more.

I’ve done an event with PSL. A goal of mine is to become more active next year. I also have some non-political activities I enjoy. I’m confident better people for me are out there.

For years I had been giving like $2 a month to Wikipedia. I’ve known better for a while and had been meaning to cancel, but never got around to it. After reading the entries for The Barbara Pit and Nicolás Maduro, I immediately cancelled.

I agree. It would take generations to change the general mindset here in the USA.

IRL news…after probably hundreds of bad experiences…I’ve decided I’m going to look for some new friends. It stinks that by far this biggest factor in making friends is usually proximity.

I’m not sure how or where I’ll meet new IRL friends…but it’s much needed.

Did the situation get resolved with those downvoting weirdos?

There is a new podcast called The Great Proletariat Revolution Podcast, hosted by Andrew Smith. He’s a bit eccentric sometimes, but very entertaining.

Both events are very misunderstood in the west. I wouldn’t trust narratives you’ve heard. However, deadly mistakes were made during both events. Just remember that most events can have good and bad aspects.


Time. for another break for a few days I guess.

Yes. I like it overall. Still get some of those ‘western ML’ type posts every now and then though.

Yes. Unfortunately she loved that show for a while. Had to gently steer her towards other things.

Some kids shows are honestly great though. Hilda on Netflix I like more than most adult shows.


I'm definitely not much an MCU (or even comic book fan) these days, but I've had this toy since I was in 5th grade. I'm thinking of painting it and maybe 3D printing some accessories. Pretty silly, but it does have some sentimental value. Maybe he'll be Lemmygrad's first superhero 🤷‍♂️ Any ideas? Also I have no idea about 3D printing, but recently ive been thinking about it more. Send info about it my way if you have any.

Poll - average worst takes by pfp
Probably missing some but just threw this together real quick.

To note: - All this bad news, stocks still surging. - Pelton CEO runs company into ground, instantly gets $25 million to sell RUGS?! Most rug stores I’ve seen IRL have gone out of business in like 2 months.

Stolen from Hexbear. Also…if some of these people end up turning socialist, they should think about changing their name.

Thoughts on Bo Burnham?
Disclosure: I haven’t watched much of his stuff. I know some of it is cringe, but I’ve seen some interviews recently where he was explicitly criticizing capitalism. Is he worth looking into?

I just started this recently released book. I know Chomsky has his issues, but it’s been great so far.

I had a funny dream.
I’ve noticed as I get older, I remember my dreams less and less. Oh well. I finally remembered a dream last night. I was at Kohl’s (for those outside the US - Kohls is a value-based department store I guess? Mainly somewhat affordable clothing) and they had a shirt that had Karl Marx and a rainbow. It said ‘I love communism and hate America’ in glitter letters. In the dream I still wasn’t going to buy it, but I was taking a picture to post on Lemmygrad 😂

I haven’t seen the movie in forever, but I feel like it probably still holds up?

Slightly less pathetic than that email last week that just said ‘please’ 😂