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Gotta admit the boxing gloves are throwing me for a loop.

Also fuck Bernie for giving over my email address. I have to get a new one now because these fools won’t leave me alone.

Prof Wolff isn’t perfect but I rarely disagree with him. I listen to Economic Update every week still. Sometimes he has libs on though for some reason. I don’t want to use the phrase dumb down, but he is sort of reductive with some things.

Keep in mind support for Marxism/socialism/etc in the USA was pretty much nonexistent for a very long time. Co-ops, unions, etc are absolutely the best way to improve material conditions for the working class under capitalism. Unfortunately I think at this point in the US, the ruling class isn’t going to cede an inch without violent revolution.

I think he was actually the first Marxist I started listening to, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

The US lied about every military operation since WWII (and it even lied about that), but they think this time it’s different.

It’s basically a one party dictatorship of capital. Their policies are largely the same, but with Republicans becoming more extreme than the ruling class would like. Their foreign policy is identical.

I do think it’s odd that a lot of Democratic voters are such lapdogs to the status quo.

Regarding your last point, I think that is why Americans can’t fathom that a population would trust and respect their government.

We’ll know the USA is fucked when a Western European nation tells them to fuck off.

Wonder who will be first? Germany is going to be absolutely fucked by Russian sanctions in the upcoming winter.

Love all the countries that are realizing they don’t have to do what the USA says anymore.

Well libs think the USA has a democracy so 🤷‍♂️

I think even Second Thought has been shadowbanned. The algorithms of these platforms are blatant. If you look up anti-capitalist/left leaning content you will get suggestions for far right content. Twitter kept sending me Tim Pool tweets, despite the fact that I have never engaged in any remotely right leaning content.

A few things I’ve realized recently about Americans:

-there is an overconfidence crisis. Most Americans feel that they understand complex issues that they know absolutely nothing about. I am routinely shocked at how little a vast majority of Americans know. Even topics I thought were common knowledge.

-they think ‘every country is bad’. This is true to an extent but many of the worlds problems now are a direct result of European/American imperialism. They also think that China is worse than the USA, despite knowing nothing about China and believing outright lies.

-they think nothing can be done and that we have to wait for ‘generational change’. This is not true and if we wait much longer the world will be uninhabitable.

There are too many good voices out there to waste time on people who have a half-assed, Western narrative-confirming takes.

Right AND left wing libertarianism are not viable political ideologies. I think almost every issue can be boiled down to ‘are you anti-capitalism or pro-capitalism’?

That’s an issue with a lot of western MLs. It’s very anti-intellectual and shows a lack of understanding material conditions.

Also why would I trust someone who doesn’t know what imperialism actually is?

It’s even worse. Most MSM is now paywalled so people just rely on headlines for most of their information. The social media algorithms have also destroyed peoples attention span and ability to focus.

-Hillary Clinton still won the popular vote by 3 million -RGB didn’t retire -Dems were cowards about their stolen SCOTUS pick -Dems never codified abortion rights to the constitution because they used it as a fundraising opportunity The problem isn’t a handful of people who didn’t vote. The problem is the entire system.

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Drop some predictions for the future below! I think Zelensky is gonna end up getting murked by some neo Nazis in his own military.

‘For the friendship of peoples! For peaceful cooperation!’