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The signal server thing is true, you can check the Github commit history to verify.

With Techlore, him and Graphene have matrix communities and Graphene has an extremely toxic community that goes into Techlore a lot to cause drama. Not to mention the Graphene creator attacks various people all the time, obviously including Techlore. You can see Techlore’s video for examples.

I’m not sure what you mean by they’re influencing fans. Virtually all communication is influencing others. Techlore has no motivation to bad talk Graphene for no reason, as they have no competition. He’s a YouTuber, and they’re a free android OS.

I have to lean myself off of social media for news. I’m transitioning to just getting all my news off of RSS feeds, which I subscribe to various sites that I trust.

RISC-V is something I always read about and get really excited about. The problem is, there’s very few chips actually available, and that you can’t really use it outside of a few expensive enthusist boards.

Why did they ever write s/he in the first place? The grammar doesn’t even make sense.

Open sourcing your game only makes sense years past it stops selling.

Why is this alt-right crap on a free software sub. First, conspiracy theorists thought Bill Gates wanted to microchip them with 5G mind control devices in the vaccines, and now they’re saying he’s impeding them. Stick with a story.

They honestly should be looking at their hosting costs. There’s probably a lot of costs they can cut down and a lot of unused resources. Their services aren’t really demanding, and their membership fees should be able to cover 60 users.

You don’t self-host a CDN. The CDN is hosting around the world so users connect to closer servers.

Why isn’t Rust mentioned? It should at least be worth mentioning, since Rust has been getting more and more real-world usage in safety critical software.

It doesn’t. I see it mentioned everywhere literally non-stop.

Big fan of the Qogir GTK theme: https://github.com/vinceliuice/Qogir-theme

also the WhiteSur GTK theme by the same author: https://github.com/vinceliuice/WhiteSur-gtk-theme

Both are really high quality themes.

What you interact with is only a very small portion of the OS. In Mac’s case, they use a desktop manager called Aqua, and that’s what you used to draw windows, do keybinds, handle audio, all that fun stuff. Linux has that as well, but Linux is all about choice.

There are many different DEs (Desktop Environments) and it gets a bit addicting installing and trying them out. There’s even more window managers, which is like the DE, but is purely just how you navigate windows, and not extra stuff like keybinds, menus, launching programs, etc. You’re going to probably use Gnome by default since that’s what most use, but I recommend trying out other popular ones like KDE, Mate, or XFCE.

Since most people judge operating systems with what they interact with, trying out different desktop environments will make Linux feel drastically different, almost like an entirely different operating system. They will be all in your distro’s package manager and are all very popular. Under the hood, everything runs the same, but your experience with the computer will be entirely determined by the desktop environment, so you should test them out till you find one you like the most.

Arch, but my true love lies with Gentoo. I just became impatient with the compile times.

Closed source proprietary software. No thanks.

First off, deMACFANG is a pretty bad name but that’s beside the point lol.

I don’t think it should be company specific. To me, the deGoogle movement is about fighting against lock-in. I see a lot of people praise Apple for whatever reason and think they’re high and mighty for switching to Apple from Google, but they completely miss the point.

When you use a large company, you are at mercy to their policies. They are not in your best interest. The more freedom you accomplish by swapping to FOSS or ethical alternatives, then you become immune to whatever evil policies these companies come up in the future.

I don’t see the problem with a specific company, I see the problem as relying on any company and being at mercy to their policies. You own your data, don’t let them take it from you.

Claims to be lightweight, yet uses WebAssembly. That’s an instant deal breaker for me.