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Personally, more memes. Sometimes I just want to aimlessly scroll and have a few laughs.

What I’ve found is, if ever I make a comment that I find helpful, or fair, and downvotes seem unjustified, if I delete and recomment the exact same thing a few hours later o suddenly get that upvoted. It absolutely blows my mind.

Can the app be a bit more Colourblind friendly?

I can’t tell if the button is upvoted or not, it’s incredibly similar to the original button colour (at least for me). …

There’s one in the works here that might be worth looking at https://lemmygrad.ml/post/16879

AniList just added The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

Looks like we’re finally getting the Season 2 that we all wanted!..

I think it will last, but the audience will be very different, closer to a twitter audience.

I still have my Reddit account for now, but once Lemmy is active enough I don’t feel the need to visit Reddit, goodbye!

I was wondering what the hell that was! Turning that off straight away.

No, turn it into a satire sub before actual flat earthers arrive

Lately, Twitter seems to just copy of features from all kinds of other platforms and just mash them together

It feels like Facebook and Twitter have been like this for a while, especially with stuff like stories.

I just wonder when it’ll end.

I’m currently using Lemmur, it’s really good! Definitely recommend

That’s quite tempting, super cheap and I hate what Imgur has become.

It’s the worst when they’re like that. Occasionally I’ll come across a site where middle mouse doesn’t work but Ctrl+click does, it’s so infuriating.

the Ghost Stories dub is pretty wild.

It was so poor in Japan that they didn’t care what the English dub did to it, when dubbing they just tried to make it as funny as possible and one upping each joke and somehow it actually turned into a fairly decent story as well. It’s absolutely hilarious.

people on Lemmy seem to dislike them, but I have a Fossil Sport and actually like it.

I like that it can show me all my notifications without needing my phone, it even has a select few apps. I play play music from it to headphones without needing my phone, and I can even pay for my items in store without needing my phone with me too.

WearOS is just Google so if you’re on the privacy side of things then not the best idea, but if you’re already in the Google ecosystem and don’t worry about it then go for it.

I rarely notice a difference on my battery from Blutooth, it’s there but pretty minimal, many can also use wi-fi so you can always do it that way instead and only revert to Bluetooth when you leave and no longer have WiFi

I never played the original but I would like to, if it was £30-35 I think it’d be a fast purchase from me, hopefully, it gets a bit cheaper over time

It does just feel like a fangame, but I guess at its core with the developer it kind of is. But that doesn’t make it a bad game, the physics are top notch and it’s incredibly fun.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad just because other fan games are also good.

I appreciate that they added symbols to the wiring task, but when you’re in a lobby and someone says “Lime is sus”

Who the f- is lime?!

Made a cup of tea, unpacked, watched TV, made dinner, watched TV.

Basically nothing different from before I moved out.

New community: Colorblind

This community is for those with and without colorblindness talk about their experiences or learn more about Color Vision Deficiency …

Since many don’t realise how hard it can be to play, this is a great comparison and I think has helped people realise the struggle…


Awesome stuff, Bitwarden is so easy even my mother can use it and we both feel safer. Big win for your work!

It’s such a clickbait title, they’re calling out Signal due to the massive turn to Signal from WhatsApp lately but really they’d be able to access anything without a passcode, it’s not a Signal flaw.