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I think VScodium is more like ungoogled-chromium than the actual chromium

Some volumes of the Vinland Saga manga, a Wikileaks poster, some general clothing, money, some merch from freewear.org and some time to spend with my family, sister and grandma.

Overall, quite a nice Holiday I would say.

Kinda weird imo how they don’t say they’re actually foss but say they support the foss community instead.

Oh wow, didnt really expect that tbh, thanks.

What happened to Truth Social and Mastadon?

It was announed that Truth Social is to be given 30 days to release the source code used from Mastadon. Since then it has already been over 30 days. So does anyone know what has happened? Have they actually released the code, have they cancelled the project or have their rights to the code been revo…

Pretty ironic considering the people were often times prevented from leaving the GDR and had been oppressed and repressed by the Stasi, even if only for differing political views.

And not to mention that they also use Amazon as their CA.

Add-ons that serve the sole purpose of promoting, installing, loading or launching another website, application or add-on are no longer permitted to be listed on addons.mozilla.org.

So What does this mean for the privacy redirect addon? Will they just be booted from the addon store and that’s that?

Thanks for the explanation. And you’re right, it almost seems like two little kids fighting each other over something ridiculous.

AFAIK there is no actual metadata which can be accessed other than account creation and last account connection timestamps. other than that I totally agree that removing the requirement for a phone number is long overdue and is essential for a private and secure messenger.

I don’t quite understand what is happening, could someone give me some context or explain what is going on?

My friend could probably actually succeed ngl


The revolution is already underway


Reddit meme repost [2/1158]…


Alright, since I have a folder of 1100+ handpicked memes from Reddit I’ll definitely be able to find some gems. I’ll be sure to share them.

I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure how them being reposts would be welcomed. But due to the positive feedback, I’ll definitely be posting some more.

Should I continue with reposts of memes I found on Reddit or would you rather want pure OC?..


It’s also important to note that in this case LineageOS was actually installed with GAPPS and not Microg.