This website’s cool as hell.

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I’m betting on elementaryOS too, they’re doing great work without directly copying everything about macOS.

This is so true, I use Arch Linux, and since I built my system from the ground up (minus the kernel part). I know what’s in my system, if something breaks, I know where to look and how to debug it.

I’ve never been tempted to go back to Windows once I realized how much it meant to me that I finally have control over what my system does.

Long gone are the days where the only fix you (or Microsoft “MVPs”) can come up with is rebooting your machine.

I think you actively using the program and recommending it to people, goes a long way and warms the heart of developers to see people using the code they spent hours upon hours on.

Enjoying, and spreading the word about great software is another form of donation, and they all count :)

Thank you :D I was sort of going for a tiling WM look but without actually having a tiling script/WM installed.

Nope, can’t really do that because of my NVIDIA card :/

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that no theme is more consistent than Breeze itself.
Breeze isn’t perfect, but I don’t think it ever aimed to be perfect, but it’s consistent, and it’s easy on the eyes, and it’s rather simple and unique in its own way. I did use other themes, but nothing (for me) comes close to Breeze, even though the KDE community is doing great work with custom themes.

(By the way, your desktop rice looks really nice :D )

I should’ve clarified that no tiling script is being utilized, it was done manually to make the windows appear in a more aesthetic manner. But if you’d like to use tiling scripts in KDE (under KWin) then I’ve heard Krohnkite is a good option.


I kept it default, but removed the title bars and kick-off menu, slightly tweaked the colors and made it a lot more keyboard friendly. …

My simple KDE rice.

What do you mean by “save/download”?

Well I use Firefox, and Librewolf is a fork of Firefox, so I’m not sure why the browser matters.

I’d pay not to ever hear facebook or instagram mentioned in a conversation ever again.

Hey nice project!

An issue encountered is that typing anything within the search bar does not prompt me with any results.

“Rust developers, on the other hand, are used to taking a lot of coffee breaks (or tea, cigarettes, sobbing, or whatever as the case may be…”


Great project, just want to point out that there are two typos in the README:

“Though xplr strives to be fast and minimalist, it’s speciality is it’s hackability.”

It should be “its” without the apostrophe.

I apologize if I come off as a grammar nazi, I’m not :)

Congratulations to the authors on the release :)

Macchina is pretty stable on Linux systems, but I’m currently working to support other platforms, starting with NetBSD.

Sorry for replying so late! Here are some key differences:

  • It’s very minimal, running macchina only shows elements and nothing else. All other elements such as bars, shorthand values, padding, spacing, themes etc. can be adjusted on the fly using command line arguments (so you don’t have to settle with any defaults and it doesn’t use a config file)
  • If dependencies matter to you: Macchina has fewer dependencies.
  • It supports themes out of the box (there’s 3 currently)
  • It auto-spaces all your elements (this is something I haven’t seen any fetcher do)
  • It offers a bar display for memory and battery usage.
  • It has some elements that are not present in FreshFetch (but FreshFetch also has elements that Macchina currently hasn’t implemented yet)
  • FreshFetch supports icons, but Macchina used to support icons. They were removed because the implementation wasn’t satisfying my needs, I might bring them back if someone would like to see them.

FreshFetch from the screenshots that I’ve checked out, looks very close to Neofetch, and that’s not really the point with my program. What I’m trying to do with Macchina is to set it apart while keeping it familiar.

Well customization isn’t as limited as you say, but most customization can only be done through third party applications, and if I were a windows user, I wouldn’t trust them.