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Reddit still denying Tor Users - No Communication Allowed

As a follow up to my first post, it seems Reddit is now further denying Tor users from using the site. …

Like the reddit commentators, this is a bad idea to use. If you really want to use openconnect, use the binary package in your repo, or compile from source.

But if your corporation has AnyConnect servers setup properly, they’ll probably deny OpenConnect. Cisco AnyConnect works like a trojan virus, to ensure your system is compliant with policies.

I know this is an old reply but this was happening, and still happens, with old.reddit.com I also just reset the password and immediately got the error message, but logging in through new reddit was fine.

It is a shame. because there are lots of unique communities there to ask questions for…

I suppose to maintain privacy you can do Tor -> VPN (paid in cash or anon crypto) and make a reddit account that way. A lot of effort for a little bit of something.

Reddit is making Tor made accounts show "wrong password" - Anyone else?

Cleaning up old reddit accounts as is usual. A lot of them now give me “wrong password” when I try to login over Tor. I know the password isn’t worong and the account can’t be compromised because the password is unique 30 char alphanumeric generated with Keepass. …

Thank you for this reply, I did not consider that. The small unseen changes due to forced use of a single client. I always want to use a decentralized platform if I can which is why Fediverses are so nice, but my friends are not as keen. Signal is the gap for now

Excellent post, thank you.

I’ve been suggesting more people to use Signal and Element, everyone has chosen Signal as their way of communicating with me.

Same here. I want Matrix to succeed more but the ease of setup for Signal is really the big deal breaker I imagine, plus not having to host or maintain a Matrix instance if you’re truly concerned about data management.

I use Signal to chat with my friends and family.

  • I like the fact that it’s E2EE

  • I like that it’s very easy to signup with a simple download, install, text code confirm.

  • I like the UI to an extent, it has nice features and looks nice enough. Text is text, pictures are pictures… we don’t need to obsess with “the shiny”.

  • I do not like that it’s hosted in the US

  • I do not like that it requires a phone number (for now)

  • I do not like that the servers are centralized, that the devs do not take decentralization into consideration, and that they are aggressive against alternative clients using their backend (which I am somewhat understandable on, servers ain’t cheap)

Which is why there are alternatives like Matrix, Session, and lots of others; however:

  • Matrix requires a bit more from the user to signup, such as username and email. This arguably is less worse than a phone number (although temporary or one-time phone numbers are available).

  • There’s also some shared disappointment around the web with the standard Element UI, can’t necessarily back those claims up though.

  • And to be really secure, you’d probably want to self-host a Matrix instance, which requires considerably more time, resources and effort to maintain, especially if you have poor internet at home, and feel that renting a VPS off-site would perhaps defeat the purpose of self-hosting (as I do).

  • Session is backed and developed by an Australian based company, which should immediately raise alarms for anyone familiar with Australia’s crazy backdoor encryption law [1] [2]

Obviously this is all personal anecdotes, my bottom line being that Signal is not perfect, far from it, but if you’re using Whatsapp, now is probably the easiest time to shift your contact groups off. It’s an equivalent that’s far better, while still having some usage pains.

If anyone wants sourcing on any of the above claims, please reply or otherwise offer a source up. I know they’re out there, I don’t have the energy right now for it. I do not intend to lie.

[1] [2]

Google already has this with the majority of streaming sites, big and small, using their Widevine DRM. The benefit here though is that the module is developed for the OS platform, not the browser. Firefox has the “Enable DRM” button if it detects a need for the module and it’s not present. You may not get the highest quality stream though when using Firefox.

Beyond that I don’t see any DRM need for regular web browsing; major websites are boring anyway.


sudo kill -9 1

Wanna say the captcha is awesome. It’s a bit tricky with some of the images but it works well. I wonder how it will fare when traffic upticks.

https://visualcaptcha.net/ is a self hosted alternative

Isn’t Lemmy already running federated? This is a great Reddit alternative so far, just needs more people and content, like every other new site :)

@gorugorugotoLemmyLemmy on Tor

Not sure anyone answered it. I don’t run a Tor Lemmy instance but I don’t see any reason not to. Only hiccup might be other instances blocking your node, or being unable to reach it, since they wouldn’t be running Tor on their hosts to connect.

So long as people use it, it will not die. I have used Firefox since day one as my primary browser, excluding earlier browsers like Netscape and Konquerer. If Chrome(ium) really did take over, I’d probably ditch the modern web and go full force for Lynx and no-JS sites. There’s a reddit terminal reader, I’m sure someone would make a lemmy terminal reader.

It’s open source software, if someone really wants, they will continue developing it. Just like how someone is developing Qutebrowser.

Icecat is a derivative of Firefox without the tracking or Mozilla nonsense, I figure if Mozilla dropped Firefox (which does seem unlikely), GNU/FSF would continue improvements to Firefox through Icecat.

It’s a depressing situation, but people keep using Linux despite Windows being the majority. Maybe not a totally fair comparison.

@gorugorugotoLemmyLemmy on Tor

Only problem I’ve seen now is if you logout of one account, and login to another account in the same tab and session, without refreshing, you will still see the previous account name in the top right unless you refresh.

@gorugorugotoLemmyLemmy on Tor

Not seeing that or any websocket errors. Looks like it’s been resolved though, maybe it was the exit node or hops overall last night being bad.

@gorugorugotoLemmyLemmy on Tor

Also noticing that. I also noticed that I would logout, refresh, and still be logged in to my account. Using Tor Browser 10.0.6 JS enabled

Very easy solution: Uninstall instagram, delete the account credentials. One can argue about your friends and others being on the platform, but it only takes one to pave the way to better alternatives.

Bibliogram is a great frontend for public profiles, with RSS support.

This sounds awesome, thanks for the great write-up. People like to poo-poo on Arch as a server but it’s really such a great option so long as you have backups and are careful. The AUR is crazy handy too.

Well this is disappointing. Makes me nervous about the smaller reddit communities, if ever there’s a big backlash I bet it’s less difficult for a big company to push their sway against the moderators.