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funny that this israeli source leaves this out, always more to these things than meets the eye:

On February 14, 2019, Francisco Partners sold a 60% majority stake of NSO back to co-founders Shalev Hulio and Omri Lavie, who were supported in the purchase by Novalpina Capital.[18] Hulio and Lavie invested $100 million, with Novalpina acquiring the remaining portion of the majority stake, thus valuing the company at approximately $1 billion.[28] The day after the acquisition, Novalpina attempted to address the concerns raised by Citizen Lab with a letter, stating their belief that NSO operates with sufficient integrity and caution.[29]


also I can’t see the logic in the use of ‘erases’ here as it was not in an article first and then later removed. ‘obscures’ or ‘omits’ may be a better term in my opinion.

So moving on from the threat of deportation to China we now have

We have taken steps to ensure that we never store a full IP address (we now truncate it before hashing or discard it entirely)

That’s an inclusive or. When is it discarded? How can they say ‘never’ if they are ordered to store the full IP address? Deep packet inspection one step before their ‘steps’ would remove any protection they pretend they can give.

Even so, onwards:

Hashing an IP4 address is ridiculous, they are still widely used, they know the hashing algorithm and they know all the possible addresses.

How long would it take anyone to run all 4 byte combinations to make a rainbow table?

How far do they truncate it? How can a /24 or /16 be considered anonymous, there aren’t that many audacity users?

Not only all that, everybody knows the hashing algorithm as it’s open source. (Maybe they won’t open source the ‘telemetry’ server code, on further thought).

Nobody is this stupid, this is them trolling the public at this point.

I’m not an expert on this, but you can offer up one asset to secure a loan on another.

For example, if you have two houses, you can secure a loan to buy a third house using one of the two you own.

That seems fairly normal to me for an asset backed loan.

I fail to see how you can make anything the norm without getting numbers on board, sorry.

It’s bizarre to me that you say it argues against getting a significant number and then you quote the article saying ‘imagine if all those who were outraged’.

That quote assumes there is a significant number, in my experience that is not true.

Stallman’s often times ‘lone quest’ is the very reason the article exists and the fact the conversation is even had. The concept of ‘Stallmanism’ at this point only serves to move the ‘overton window’ of what is conceived to be possible. I find it baffling that the author thinks a political outlet to protest Windows privacy issues would reach any audience. I also find it baffling that they think a change can occur to effectively outlaw non free software, when it is a huge struggle to get anybody to change spreadsheet software or communications tools.

TL;DR this is a fringe issue, and getting people to care about it in significant numbers is a long lost battle.

Really depends on what you are running now, I find them both very lacking as options in 2021. You can put an i7 3615QM into an x230 but it consumes a lot of watts. I am holding off til there’s a 5nm ryzen.

Can you elaborate on how the ‘Ended famines’ link you provided backs up the title you have given it? The only relevant famine I am aware of is Holodomor, excuse my ignorance.

Partisan thinking. In my opinion belief is not a choice. I was not attempting to make you feel bad, I was informing you of what I believe is a repeated misuse of a specific term.

It’s a shame that you post a speculative response to this part of my message and not the other. I’m not going to be clicking in to any ‘debunking’ claims on this site anymore, it’s a waste of my time.

I think you misunderstand the level of disagreement we are at. You and others raising questions based on aerial photographs, while it is welcome, is not debunking. Questions raised based on speculation off of aerial photographs are never going to meet the bar there.

The 670x410 pixel image you linked is still an aerial photograph and I see no way to count floors on it, for what it’s worth.

I don’t know if English is your first language, but here’s the definition of debunk:


  1. Expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief)

1.1 Reduce the inflated reputation of (someone), especially by ridicule.

Comparing aerial photographs with no mention of ‘floors’ or underground capacity and using that against alleged numbers of detainees, is a very long way away from ‘debunk’. I’ve seen the phrase ‘debunk’ used liberally over this site, for things that I could only reasonably describe as ‘disputing’ or ‘raising questions’ about topics.

I don’t buy any of it, due to the hyperbole and ‘weak’ argumentation so frequently stated as fact.

ML as in Mali or ML as in something else? Can you explain what ‘ML website’ means, as I honestly don’t know.

great. sounds like moondog and shabaka hutchings are having a jam, well in my imagination anyway.

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