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  • Thanks. Hoping to figure this out around $500. I don’t need loads of power so that should help the budget.

    I don’t have experience with amp modellers in the FX loop. This works differently from multi-fx pedals with preamp simulations? I plug my guitar into my GT-1, which goes into the instrument input of my amp (a Rumble 100). No matter what I tweak with this setup, I fail to get it to sound believably “classic rock” so far.

  • Ah yes I should’ve specified. It’s a Rumble 100. Yeah, that’s a bass amp as I was primarily playing bass when I bought it. It does sound surprisingly excellent when I play clean-ish guitar through it, but with the GT-1 I can’t quite get a satisfying overdrive tone, no matter what pre-amp simulation I select on the GT1. With the amp set to clean, 0 gain. The master volume is plenty to make it loud. But yeah, I just can’t get this combination to reproduce what I’m looking for.

    Perhaps it’s the speaker cone itself which is holding it back. I hadn’t considered that yet. Thanks.