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I remember being so excited with every update to Android. Now all I ever think is what else will they lock down and/or strip out of ASOP and move to the Proprietary walled garden that is Google Play Services.

Oddly if the recent Fortnight Lawsuit is successful there may actually be a reduction in this behavior. After all this was a very similar road Microsoft was traveling down with Windows all those years ago and you can credit the anti trust litigation with how “reasonably” open the system is to this day

Yes running rsync on the remote PC pulling from the server is pulling in this context. Pushing would be if you had rsync on the server sending data to the remote PC.

From a Network security standpoint you want to avoid having any form of credential for your Backup computer on your Production computer (aka your server). This is simply because it’s difficult to ensure that a set of user credentials can only do the one thing (copy files for backup) rather that something more malicious such as delete your backup files or send a malicious payload. And as your backups should be in a higher security position with very limited access you can trust any commands from that machine will be less likely to ever be compromised.

Realistically in a personal home situation you are only concerned with drive-by crypto virus infections with limited self propagation within your network (connected smb shares and the like) so something like this would hit the “good enough” mark.

Additionally I wouldn’t push from your server to your remote PC. I would Pull from your remote PC (using a limited set of credentials), it’s a minor change but it’s an important Network security consideration.

It works very well on mobile. That’s the main reason I have it honestly. The reason it has a great number of options is it has a monetization strategy for hosted versions like a number of these small but powerful open source tools.

The only thing you are not taking into account is a crypto-virus. All of your backups are online, you could get away with it as ZFS snapshots are versioned so you can roll back, but I always say it’s always a good idea to have a “air gaped” backup. I have 2 drives and a hard drive dock, I swap manually between the two twice a week and have versioned backups on them.

I’ve got it self hosted but I don’t use it much atm. The only thing I would recommend is not exposing it directly to the internet, access it over VPN if you can.

What’s too good to be true about it anyway?

I have Nextcloud set-up and use the app. The next version of the built in text app will have the ability to link other markdown files so that Will make it very easy to have a file based wiki within nextcloud.

Edit: At work I have Dokuwiki set-up for the office. Very useful, just wish it used markdown

Shared ventilation is a terrible idea and not very efficient in an apartment layout (Not to mention the issues with firewalls). A central Chiller Plant typically uses water or a refrigerant mix to pipe to individual A/C units

That’s true of large Sky scrapers closely built together, however in some cities (like my home city) that are only now building upwards there tend to be expansive car parking and wide roads around the buildings you get less shade than you do in places like New York.

While grass is nice I think it’s Trees that provide the most benefit in that kind of situation both for cooling the surrounds and possibly more importantly stabilizing the soil (with deep roots) and keeping ground water in check

*Edit: thanks for the podcast link, I’ll check it out

Big corporations have Tech has gotten too good at staying ahead of legislation.

Unfortunately there is nothing new here, just the age of the legislation involved.

That is the often toted rational. I’ve often thought that a better option is to have the Core software restrictively copy left licensed with a extensible design to allow companies to have proprietary secret sauce that “plugs into” the publicly available part.

This is sort of how the Linux Kernel can be widely used commercially even though it’s GPL licensed

Environmentally Air conditioning isn’t the issue, Efficiency is the real issue. Where I live it’s been a big issue to reduce heat bowls in the cities caused by the lack of Trees. The big issue is the increased building density. Doesn’t matter how well designed the building is if the surrounding environment is trapping heat reducing the effectiveness of the air conditioning.

As for large buildings like apartments, having a central chiller plant could easily improve the cooling efficiency. As in large office buildings you are better off cooling the whole building to keep it within a temperature range rather than having one empty apartment acting as a massive heat sink warming up the surrounding apartments. However such systems are not seen favorably by investors as it looks like it increases the ongoing costs because it’s presented up-front rather than on a as used basis.

I think it’s less about the short interactions and more about the scale of the site you are on. You can’t have longer more thought out interactions in a “crowd” of people, I just see it as not being a part of Human nature. I think all big sites inevitably end up with a type mob mentality with short interactions.

I switched to linux on my home desktop primarily due to the advertisements in the Windows 10 start menu. That and with Steams proton (aka wine integration) I can play most of my library without loading my old windows partition.