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What I find odd is why would someone open source a large portion of their software and leave a small part closed. It seems like (and correct me if I’m wrong) the proprietary parts are integral to Vivaldi.

Many chromium and gecko based browsers (bromite, librefox, fennec…etc.) seem to be thriving, so I don’t quite understand how this could be the doom of Vivaldi.

I’m only inquiring, not hating. But I agree that open source software doesn’t make it automatically privacy friendly and some proprietary projects have way better privacy practices. But in general, when the source code is open to be dissected and checked, this would make the user 100% sure about what they’re utilizing.

For instance, I used firefox in the past and the amount of embedded telemetry is insane. However, being open source, many telemetry-free forks have emerged which removes the fear of vulnerability.

But then how would you justify their decision to keep their software closed?

I think what gives them authenticity isn’t the poverty, but rather the fact that globalization didn’t (fully) reach them yet. This feeling then can be replicated in richer countries by visiting the countryside or spend your time in the ancient monuments instead of resorts and hotels in the midst of the modern, consumerist society.

The International Guide to Open Access Educational Resources
This guide's objective is to highlight the linguistically diverse open access educational resources of the web. If you find it useful, you might as well share it with others. I tried including as many languages as I was able to. If you want to add anything to the list, drop it in the comments. I may or may not have made mistakes (i.e. sharing non open access resources), so don't hesitate to correct me; I will make sure to update this post. All websites mentioned below contain more or less open access material, but to a different degree. Legends: 🟡 = not fully open access 🚫 = requires JavaScript to function properly 🍪 = requires cookies *note that although some websites may still be usable without JS and 🍪, they tend to be trickier to navigate. Here we go! *Arabic (and other langs):* [Mobt3ath](https://mobt3ath.com/Library.php?library=1&title=%D8%B1%D8%B3%D8%A7%D8%A6%D9%84_%D9%85%D8%A7%D8%AC%D8%B3%D8%AA%D9%8A%D8%B1_%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%83%D8%AA%D9%88%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%A9_PDF) phd theses & dissertations [Al Sharekh Archive](https://archive.alsharekh.org/) 🚫🍪 periodicals [Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Bibliothek](https://ezb.ur.de/ezeit/searchres.phtml?bibid=ZMO&colors=7&lang=en&jq_type1=KT&jq_term1=&jq_bool2=AND&jq_not2=%2B&jq_type2=KS&jq_term2=&jq_bool3=AND&jq_not3=%2B&jq_type3=KW&jq_term3=Vorderer%2BOrient&offset=-1&hits_per_page=50&search_journal=Suche%2B) 🟡 journals [Bonn University](https://www.translatio.uni-bonn.de/American%20Collections) repository of archives, journals *Chinese:* [NTU](https://scholars.lib.ntu.edu.tw/) 🟡 journals, articles *English:* [Cambridge](https://www.cambridge.org/core/browse-subjects#) 🟡🚫 journals, articles [Oxford](https://oxfordre.com/) 🟡🚫 journals, articles Harvard Review [1](https://hir.harvard.edu/) [2](https://harvardlawreview.org/) [3](https://hbr.org/) 🚫 journal, articles, essays [SSRN](https://www.ssrn.com/index.cfm/en/) 🚫 articles, research [National Library of Medicine](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/) studies, journals, articles [E-IR](https://www.e-ir.info/) 🚫 articles, essays, books surrrounding international relations *French:* [Persée](https://www.persee.fr/collections) journals [Cairn](https://www.cairn.info/) 🟡🚫 articles *Hindi:* [Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar](https://library.iitbbs.ac.in/open-access-e-resources.php#) repository (includes English resources) *Japanese:* [J-Stage](https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/-char/en) journals, articles (including English) [IRDB](https://irdb.nii.ac.jp/) 🚫 articles *Urdu:* [Pakistan Research Repository](http://prr.hec.gov.pk/jspui/?subject_page=1) (no https) articles *Multi-Lingual:* [Internet Archive](https://archive.org/) [Open Access Theses and Dissertations](https://oatd.org/) [UC Santa Barbara Library](http://prr.hec.gov.pk/jspui/?subject_page=1) journals, articles The next two are controversial (this is allegedly piracy, use on your own risk) [Sci-Hub](https://sci-hub.se/) articles, books [Library Genesis](https://libgen.rs/) books, articles

It’s a great app! I’ve fully migrated from goodreads thanks to it. Though I’m still waiting for a “review” section to be released in order to write my opinions on books.

Actually, they are distinct. According to Saskia Sassen, in her “Marxism And Globalization”, contemporary globalization is “centered in the power of vertically integrated international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the financial and trading interdependencies they manage and govern.” This is different from the globality “constituted through recurrence and horizontality”, i.e. separate national proletarian revolts against their Nations’s bourgeoisie, basically Marxist internationalism.

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This is an article from 2012, before he sold it to MS

Oh wow these look great, but are they being seeded?


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Well as you can see, the flags aren’t inherently bad. On the contrary, they should enhance your privacy in theory. However, they are sort of double edged sword because you have to take into consideration fingerprinting. Your goal is to blend in with a group of people, regardless of this group’s privacy practices. To get the benefits of those flags and avoid fingerprinting at the same time, you could use Chromium Browsers that are configured by default. For instance, a lot of the flags you mentioned are enabled by default on Bromite. In practice, you will be blending in with other Bromite users.


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A decent guide but just a heads up, be cautious with flags on chromium based browsers because modifying them a lot would in theory make you more unique.

How Freud's psychoanalysis theories are used by Governments and Corporations to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Is there any FOSS translator that works offline on mobile?
It's crazy to me that I couldn't find a single translator that works offline on fdroid. How hard is it to implement such a feature? (Genuine question)

Launcher: Nova Icon Pack: OneUI Black by Eatos Wallpaper: https://send.vis.ee/download/7b75cc0046508b66/#om2rh4uZTtoSZyI4AKuMSA

You can read about my 1st attempt [here](https://lemmy.ml/post/131693) Just like last time, I wore my gloves, got three bags, put on the Jordan B. Peterson podcast and went into action, collecting plastic and other non biodegradable waste. While moving around, I noticed on several occasions that the ground under me was soft. It turns out plastic bottles were hiding underneath a slim layer of soil and grass. I didn't bother taking them out because they were almost fully integrated with the soil. I also found a nylon bag that contained fast food boxes and remains, relatively new. Can't believe some nasty people have the gut to throw their filth from a not so high balcony. I spent around 45 minutes collecting waste.

Attempt at cleaning the waste near my house
Yesterday morning, I finally did what I had planned a while ago. I always wanted to clean the large meadow (or at least attempt to do so) located right behind our building. It's basically a generational dumpyard due to the trash the inhabitants of the building have been throwing down from their balconies for more than two decades. In the winters, grass starts to grow through the cans, plastic bottles, nylon bags and all sorts of waste; truly fascinating how nature finds a way to adapt as much as possible to given circumstances. Anyway, I went down thinking I was fully prepared and once I reached the place I realized that with the short time (one hour), limited manpower (me) and the small budget (three nylon bags and a pair of gloves) it was hilariously impossible for me to make a dent. Nonetheless, it was the thought that counts, so i said fuck it and filled up the bags to the max with non biodegradable residue, mainly plastic bottles, and called it a day. I ended up throwing all of the trash in the dumpster. I would have prefered to recycle it, but you must take into account that I live in a country where recycling isn't prominent and the closest recycling center is miles away (almost all of them are centered around the capital), and it was found out that most of what is thrown in recycling bins isn't being recycled. I did what was best for the soil and relieved it from a tiny fraction of non degradable waste that has been thrown there. But I couldn't find any organic waste whatsoever, that could probably mean that all of this trash isn't recent? Not sure though.