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From my point of view, because it offers more services other than YouTube and displays distraction-prone video data such as comments, recommendations, trending pages, etc. Personally, I’ve switched to mpv-android now that they ship with youtube-dl support in one of their branches and my YouTube consumption is healthier.

Yes, the software that controls the ConBee is OSS

You can buy a ConBee 2, look for RGB lights in their list of supported Zigbee devices and then plug the ConBee to a RPI running Home Assistant.

taskell has Vim key bindings and is very intuitive, although I also suggest learning how to use org-mode in the long run

This is a copypasta from 2016

What about buku? I honestly don’t use it because the Tridactyl bookmark search is enough but otherwise it’d be my go-to.

People were complaining when they laid off all those employees that they needed new sources of income, and perhaps while not the most ethic, it’s understandable given the position they’re in now. Plus, on the user side, disabling top sites is as easy as including user_pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.topsites", false) in your user.js and there will almost certainly be a dedicated config entry for it once it ships.

This is the one! Been using it for around 5 months and due to its extensibility you can even run arbitrary JavaScript code, which has enabled me to replace Privacy Redirect with my own redirect script.

Thanks for the heads up, it makes sense. Just hope Codeberg can host their own Drone CI in the future and maybe Gitea can include something resemblant to GitHub actions.

void-packages really needs to move off GitHub to something like Codeberg, at least for me it’s preventing me from contributing and I just keep my own fork with my custom templates.

I suggest you maintain a user.js file in your Firefox profile directory to back up your settings, you can find every equivalent GUI setting by querying its name on searchfox.

It will die when Gitea implements ForgeFed federation.

I know the pain, in a previous thread people suggested moving off from Amazon and instead buying from the sites directly, but the problem is these small businesses have PayPal as their only way of payment, which sucks big time. Especially on the niche markets, like audio equipment or custom mechanical keyboards, as most stuff comes from very small companies in China.

It’s a bit weird too, because paying through PayPal often doesn’t require creating an account, but some countries do require it (I’m unaware of the reasons behind this). Also, even if you delete your PayPal account, you won’t be able to use the previously associated card even if you’re paying without an account. I wish all sites supported Stripe, as much of a privacy nightmare it is.

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Not Wire please. Apart from the issues listed on that blog post, its UI/UX is terrible.

Here’s a video of Moxie’s view on decentralization, highly suggest it, great points discussed.

(Update: usernames are coming in 2021) As far as I’m concerned from lurking on their community forum over the last year, they’re actively working on it because many privacy advocates share the same feeling, inluding Snowden himself and their plan is to require it for signup (which is reasonable to prevent spam) but leave it as an option when it comes to contact discovery, but who knows, they may not require it all.

I shared your opinion when I first started using Signal, but as months have passed and I’ve been suggesting more people to use Signal and Element, everyone has chosen Signal as their way of communicating with me. When they install Signal, the first thing they point out is the ease of use, the resemblance to WhatsApp, being able to have group calls within the app in both mobile and desktop; in contrast, when they register a Matrix account, they are confused as to how to find me because of the fact that I’m using my personal Matrix homeserver, as well as pointing out how slow the message sending is in the main isntance and how unpolished the UI looks. Also, the fact that I have to use the Jitsi integration for a simple video call and therefore rely on selfhosting another service (Jitsi’s main instance video quality is very poor) is inconvenient IMO.

I’m not trying to argue whether one service is better than the other for anyone’s case, because at the end of the day I know Matrix is far superior if everyone was technically apt. However, that’s not the case with the majority of people, and relying on a phone as an option, which seems to be what Signal is aiming for with all their recent changes on groups and the introduction of PINs, is the best way to go, as people need simple privacy, and Signal is amazing at providing this.

Btw, if anyone’s fond of CLI clients (I believe you are, Dess), here are some for both services:

I use it extensively for my notes too but it’s a shame that image previews don’t work inside tmux or as a previewer in vifm, those would be killer features.