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Nice to see Red Hat taking a strong stand on this.

May be good for development of RHEL, but I’m not sure how good it will be for most CentOS users.

I’m guessing most of the linux distros that use systemd will adopt it once it’s ready for end users. Also, I don’t think you read the article very closely since what Lennart is proposing with regards to encryption is quite different (system vs. user) than what is done today.

As the article points out, that is not the only problem that Lennart is looking to fix with systemd-homed. The more interesting part of it for me is the stronger encryption and hot-plugged home directories.

Interesting story about improvements to user’s home directories on Linux…

Not being terribly active with Fedora these days, I was surprised Adam was still actively working on Xorg (though I guess with Red Hat having to support RHEL I shouldn’t have been). I agree with him that killing off Xorg will definitely help Wayland down the road.

Gnu Bash. Tend to use the defaults on my system (Fedora), since I prefer to spend my time doing work and not fidgeting with various system tweaks. 😈