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Thanks getting this done and +1 to the rule amendment to lemmy.ml!

They’re plural? It’s probably 1 person.


From this sub’s discord https://discord.gg/E6WTSun

Might be some useful content to crosspost + maybe partnering with them…

Do you play minecraft currently?

Currently = at least once in the past 30 days. …

Personally I don’t think it is sustainable for everyone to have a car. Reliance on public transport is a much more promising alternative.

!fuck_cars@lemmy.ml energy

There are still no decentralized games right?

Decentralized like the fediverse. …

We're web4*

I like fedizens more. But we could run with both names and even web4. @Liwott@lemmy.ml

I’m down lol

I haven’t checked them out lately. Too bad pcbm is unactive

Prob where he learnt all he knows. Dude! We make c/polcompmemes on lemmy!

Yeah so thats why you’re technically correct. Imagine one day we’ll ask someone what their fav social media is and they’ll say “fax machine” and they wont be incorrect lol

True. Aside from a few psychological interventions, do you have any thoughts on how to lower society’s sociopathy? Especially on a large scale. Like fluride in water large scale.

imo internet activism can’t ever do enough to enact real change. But considering it’s an internet movement, it did do a lot imo. Also imo, if this happened during occupy wall street, it’d be very successfully. Occupying wall street with our feet, and for those who can’t, hurting 1 wallstreet company online.

How to set up your own IRC bridge

Explained by @jlj:nfld.uk [matrix], message him if you need pointers: …

Do any leftwing ideologies tie into religion?

Cause it should. Rightwingers seem to have an easier time convincing religious people to join their cause. But if we had a way to pull in the religious people, it would be a huge asset. …


From our sub’s discord, https://discord.gg/E6WTSun

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Who did you voted for in recent US election? (Pretend it's the day before US election and you're American.)

I’ll list the options in the comments, upvote the one(s) you voted for…

What's your political leaning?

We’ll do this !polls@lemmy.ml style. Nobody comment anything, just upvote the options I list. Upvote the option or options that you think best represents you…