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@HiddenLayer5 you are free to say whatever you want, I am free to disagree with you or ignore you

@goosefetisch Look at this https://lemmy.ml/post/417095/comment/251192. This person is lost to humanity if they’re doing it unironically. If it is irony, why bother

@goosefetisch I might be just too sick of russian propaganda, but my only reaction when I read threads you’ve linked was: ban lemmygrad, ban insane commie “fans” and move on. Because when their messages start to be indistinguishable from propaganda, they are lost, and talking to them is just wasting time and nerves

@Catradora_Stalinism Read about red terror. You are not stalinist, you are anti-capitalist. Don’t be a fan of this murderer, it repulses people that have to live with repercussions of his crimes

>Things that nobody asked for are finally happening

You think if you didn’t ask for it, no one did?

>Things that nobody asked for are finally happening

Closed how? How Matrix is more open?