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  • Also something that’s implied but never really mentioned in the Warhammer 40k universe: the warp is evil, and there is no good warp to counteract it. It’s built into the fabric of the world to be evil. The truth of reality is evil. Very lovecraftian hellworld, fighting against the truth and being good requires you to be naive.

    The Tau are the only good guys and they basically have no warp connection at all, they only believe in science and their collective good. They censor and ignore a portion of reality, their society and ideology requires it.

    It’s what would happen if you took a DnD universe and magic system but then just removed all the good planes and all the good gods, even the neutral ones too. A cursed, doomed world that hopefully is not prophetic.

  • The neoliberalism comes from the forced optimism and the “things aren’t getting worse” denialism. In my experience, neoliberals entire ideology rests on things staying the same or getting better. Culture and art are intrinsically linked to the economy in capitalist nations. When economic forces get worse, culture gets worse.

    The economy has gotten worse, and the culture has too. Falling rate of profit is why everything is homogenized, bland, soulless and committee designed

  • Honestly this is a Reddit tier take I’ve heard a million times from Reddit neolibs and it’s a fact that we are lucky to get even a single good film per year now yet we got dozens per year in the 80s and 90s.

    Things are getting worse. This is not just nostalgia. This trend can be seen across all cultural and artistic mediums - especially prominent in capital intensive ones such as video games and films