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I thought it might be because no lemmy.ml users subscribed to that comm but nothing changed after I subscribed

I guess this post provides them with good reason to block lemmgrad.ml lol /s

Microsoft says Bing’s ‘Tank Man’ censorship was a human error - The Verge

Startpage is worse because it uses Google

I was thinking the discussions can be planned ahead with enough time and maybe it’d be good to turn off votes. If we actually allow only one post then the majority will easily take over the discussion.

I agree that discussions are very important but we can’t deal with the huge stream of posts, you know? I can’t challenge you on every certain idea you’ve about NK for example but we can have a serious discussion about it that might result in your questioning your position and doing your own research and all that.

That is why I used DW as an example, we can have a serious general discussion about it and other Western state owned media. That kind of discussion is about something a bit fundamental so it feels worth it and hopefully we can have a lot of users joining in these focused discussions that are outside the scope of a single article. Oh and to be clear, I’m not saying let’s ban DW (if a community decides to do so then yeah sure) what I meant is we can have an extensive discussion that might lead to the conclusion that DW sucks… then we’d have reached some common ground. At least you’ll not be puzzled by my dismissal of it, you know?

Now available on the f-droid repo

I kinda touched on how someone’s views might seem alien to others in this comment.

One of the issues is you need to believe that it’s worth it to take the time and explain your position, sometimes you argue with someone not to convince them but for others to hear what you’ve to say. So I think one needs to believe that the other is gonna hear them out and argue in good faith or that there’s an audience that might be interested, otherwise it’ll be one of those losing battles.

I like the idea of having a community about news sources where we can have extensive discussions.

It’s mostly about understanding the other’s pov so that it doesn’t seem alien to you… For example, I hate Churchill’s guts because of what he did to India among other things. My opinion probably sound very ridiculous to those who don’t know about Churchill’s crimes and racism and all that.

You know how sometimes you choose to pick your battles? Well the community here isn’t big enough or there isn’t much engagement for it to make sense to go around criticizing every single CNN article (some people put both CNN and FOX News in the same category, at least when it comes to certain topics) and most only read the headline anyway. Then you’ve a stream of these articles and the question of whether OP actually wanna argue in good faith or they’re just “combating” a certain group and their views become very important.

I mentioned DW and Palestine for example because of their huge and documented bias against the colonized people of Palestine. I think the sensible thing to do is have a serious discussion about whether we should outright dismiss DW when it comes to Palestine, it doesn’t make sense to expect someone to dissect every DW article.

I agree with you that the disagreements are fundamental but the thing is that discussing those differences is a huge endeavor and there needs to be a lot of good faith for these discussions to be fruitful… Idk how this should be approached

Maybe the solution to the fighting that happens on Lemmy is users sharing some common ground? Ways to cultivate that?

Instead of dealing with the constant stream of posts maybe every now and then we can have a big discussion about a fundamental topic? …

We should be talking to the people online but for you to make that argument you don’t need to make a defeatist argument against caring about privacy. You brought up shadow profiles and fingerprinting but the both ca be dealt with one way or the other.

Use Facebook if you think you can actually agitate there but try to stay as private as possible.

The problem is you need to actually tell everyone about the addon.

Maybe instead of Lemmy warning the users we can have a bot that informs them and offer a link to the alternative front end and addon.

Make the navigation bar stick

Or at least appear when you scroll up, that way the user doesn’t have to scroll all the way up…

A feature to see a comment's context in the inbox tab?

This way you don’t have to keep opening tabs if you got a bunch of replies…

Terrible for the Global South :)

A feature to mark posts as seen?

This way we don’t have to come across the same posts over and over again…

Looking for a FOSS pdf reader for Windows

Not Sumatrapdf. I’m looking for one that is full of features like annotations…

How hard would it be to make text post expand like pics?

That way we won’t have to open a new tab unless we wanna view the comments…