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A feature to see a comment's context in the inbox tab?

This way you don’t have to keep opening tabs if you got a bunch of replies…

Terrible for the Global South :)

In lemmy or lemmy-ui?

A feature to mark posts as seen?

This way we don’t have to come across the same posts over and over again…

#2 There is OpenSnitch.

RSS connect to the site’s server and it isn’t at all anonymous by design AFAIK

Doesn’t have many features.

Do you mind sharing the method? If you use Tor as your main browser then it isn’t an overkill.

The browser doesn’t have the features I need. I didn’t know MuPDF has a desktop version, gonna check it out.

Doesn’t support annotations.

It’s only available via the store and I don’t use it.

Looking for a FOSS pdf reader for Windows

Not Sumatrapdf. I’m looking for one that is full of features like annotations…

I tried a while back and was sent to capatcha hell but I just gave it another shot and was able to make one.

I understand. The thing is I use Tor as my main browser so I can’t even make a Github account if I wanted to

Glad to hear it! I don’t have a Github account for privacy reasons so if someone else can open the issue that’d be great. Would mirroring the git be too much of a hassle?

How hard would it be to make text post expand like pics?

That way we won’t have to open a new tab unless we wanna view the comments…

Maybe it’d be a good first step to create a community.

OP’s comment was deleted and I’like to know the app’s name