Right Wing Christian Conservative MAGA Trucker. We need to take back all local positions of power from the bottom up. Talk to your neighbors and get involved.

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Tbh im curious to see how discussions can go here, I’ll follow social rules here, i enjoy talking with leftists tbh

Not all, some are true conservatives who believe in fiscal responsibility not the rino types like mitch mcconel (im not a spell checker) who does Necessarily represent what a true conservative is, and I admit conservatives by in large have been disappointing especially as of late never mind the democrats like pelosi or biden

Im in agreement with lemmy rules, i eill be respectful and act responsibly towards the left wing base here, i wont hide that im a trump supporter, but im open to conversation and hope you guys are as well. Who knows maybe we have some things in common that the msm doesn’t want us to focus on amd would rather us devolve into tribalistic style warfare debate

Lets talk about your name for example, if china is number 1 why do they resort to stealing intellectual property? Is it because communism stifles innovation or do you celebrate the espionage type nature they involve themselves in to gain that “number 1” position. No toxic attack on you here, just an example of how i communicate.

Lol not true, ive read the user agreement, its a left wing/ democrat user base which is true but it doesn’t discriminate based on political belief. It only kicks off those who discriminate against others which I respect because im just a traveler on this boat, im not the captain, i will follow the rules. My question to you is, are you afraid of different opinions? I believe there is room for conversation between you and I, I’ll fully admit im right wing but im not a gop die hard, also I didn’t support everything trump did although I thought he dif good in some areas. Are uou just unwilling to have this conversation or are you unwilling to see the other side’s opinions and give your own thoughts. Ive been a troll in the past on different sites but here i hope to open up dialogue. Are you willing to challenge me? Are you willing to risk your ideas against mine and perhaps see how free thought processes can develop without the toxic rhetoric or trolling nature that many leftists and right wingers devolve into in such conversation? It truly doesn’t have to be so toxic between us, just conversation on different issues is what im interested in, not forming a maga base troll community here.

Ive created this free speech room for both right wing and left wing to talk

We must share ideas, news stories and memes (ect.) im a free speech advocate with a solid history as a moderator of not banning anyone unless they break some common sense rules ive put in place that are there to protect you. My belief is that although we all may not agree on every issue that talking…

How do I create a community

Im having trouble. Every time it says follow format requirements. Anyone know shat that format is?..