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  • I mean, both are true, they just cover different stats. You can still a large number of layoffs while still having large job growth. They also cover stats available on different days. Indeed, the second article notes that one of the stats in the first article was wrong. It also indicates that predicted stats for December and November were both underestimated. December and January were both underestimated by half. Also, the layoffs came in fields that are different than the ones that saw growth.

    These articles are complimentary, not contradictory as you’d seem to indicate. Perhaps you’re just going off the titles and not actually reading the content?

  • I stumbled across this and I found it particularly interesting that 93 years ago the GOP was being called out for their use of this myth. It is one the GOP has continued to rely heavily on, especially in modern times. It is also interesting that this myth almost never benefited the real frontierspeople, but rather the rich industrialists from the East and Europe. I was hooked after the first paragraph,

    There is no more persistent myth in American history than the myth that rugged individualism is or has been the way of American life. Many influences have entered into the creation of this myth, but the man who is chiefly responsible for its general acceptance is Frederick Jackson Turner, who, in 1893, when the western states were loud in their demands for national regulation of industry, said in his now famous Chicago address that the American frontier had promoted democracy—a democracy “‘strong in selfishness and individualism, intolerant of experience and education, and pressing individual liberty beyond its proper bounds.” Its tendency, he said, was anti-social. “It produced antipathy to control, and particularly to any direct control.” It permitted “lax business honor, inflated paper currency and wildcat banking.”*

    Sure sounds like not much has changed other than the scale of the belief in this myth.