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“Well, y’see, during the riots when we were beating a Chinese mainland tourist we’re 1000% sure was a journalist, one of us stubbed our toe. Literally oppression! The Black Book of Communism lists it as an official casualty!”

This is a really important book! It’s a materialist history of the patriarchy going back 5000+ years. Lerner shows how the patriarchy evolved by looking at legal codes, religious texts, private letters, artwork, etc. with lots of references to Origin of the Family by Engels.

Sakai is right. This notion that Black workers are being manipulated by the ruling class against white workers is white supremacist propaganda that goes back to the post-Civil-War reconstruction period. W. E. B. DuBois writes about this in Black Reconstruction in America. Foster is using Klan rhetoric.

They know little of the race problem in industry who declare that is can be settled merely by the unions opening their doors to the negroes. It is much more complex than that…

Bullshit. The solution was full and total desegregation. The only thing “complex” was the white supremacy of the white settler labor aristocracy.

ETA: Calling something a lie is more than just disagreeing with it. It’s claiming a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts. Sakai used a direct quote from Foster’s own work, then put it in the context of post-Civil-War white supremacy. Even if you disagree, where’s the lie?

Xi understands how, and for whom, markets operate. That’s what scares the international authority bourgeoisie.

It’s almost funny how the propaganda is coming full-circle.

China: “Vaccinating the people is communist!”

fascists: “Vaccinating the people is communist!”

Obviously I agree with the author about cracking down on capitalists, rapists, fascists, and tax evaders. And I don’t have enough confidence in English translations of (what might be) homophobic slurs to comment on that. After all, slurs have hidden inside them arguments denouncing oppressed groups that are specific to a particular history and culture. They must be the most difficult words to translate.

But this is pure brocialism:

…if we allow this generation of young people to lose their mettle and masculinity, then who needs an enemy—we will have brought destruction upon ourselves, much like the Soviet Union back in the day…

Women and feminine people of any gender can have as much mettle as anyone else, and can shoot fascists just as well. The Soviet Union was not brought down by a decline of patriarchy but by the production issues that Parenti describes in Blackshirts and Reds. It had everything to do with Pizza Hut Gorbachev and nothing to do with femininity.

“I mean socialism like the British Empire, not, y’know, socialism socialism!”

“I didn’t mean to snitch! But they brought in a chalkboard! So, yeah, I gave up everybody.”

I agree with Rosa Luxemburg’s take on coops:

As a result of competition, the complete domination of the process of production by the interests of capital – that is, pitiless exploitation – becomes a condition for the survival of each enterprise. The domination of capital over the process of production expresses itself in the following ways. Labour is intensified. The work day is lengthened or shortened, according to the situation of the market. And, depending on the requirements of the market, labour is either employed or thrown back into the street. In other words, use is made of all methods that enable an enterprise to stand up against its competitors in the market. The workers forming a co-operative in the field of production are thus faced with the contradictory necessity of governing themselves with the utmost absolutism. They are obliged to take toward themselves the role of capitalist entrepreneur – a contradiction that accounts for the usual failure of production co-operatives which either become pure capitalist enterprises or, if the workers’ interests continue to predominate, end by dissolving.

And no, “Rojava” oppressing their Assyrian and other minorities to build their ethnostate is not the vanguard of anarchism.

With the help of a US base, no less. Truly, the great anti-authoritarian state of our times!

Europe fought entire wars, more than one of them, to keep Chinese people addicted to opium. HSBC, a bank that got its start through the opium trade, still launders money for drug dealers, and the US has a higher drug overdose death toll every year.

People from the capitalist world have no business telling China whether or how to regulate addictive products.

I’m on Volume 3 now. These are the most important books I’ve ever read and 3 is the best IMO. Hard reads, though, ofc.

AOC with VP vaush.

IMO that’s super optimistic. More likely Dems will nominate Liz Cheney after she changes parties.

One day people will be like, “salute the green scaly comrade for crawling out so we could live in FALGSC!”

In 1964 Nguyen Van Troi was a very young Vietnamese electrician from the village of Quang Nam. He was also a communist patriot and member of the National Liberation Front. Trỗi had been married to Thi Quyen Phan only 19 days when he was arrested by South Vietnamese puppet regime troops for attempting to assassinate Robert Strange McNamara.


If only he’d succeeded…

This “stop helping favored industries with subsidies” demand by the bourgeoisie is silly.

Wasn’t the US’s founding genocide a subsidy to capital by government? Weren’t all the genocides making up primitive accumulation subsidies? Wasn’t government enforcement of slavery a subsidy? Isn’t the Iraq War, and all other imperialistic wars, coups, and blockades?

It’s subsidies all the way down. Now the biggest thieves in world history, the white supremacist capitalists, are accusing their victims of subsidy.

It’s the same with “Vietnam War Syndrome.” The soldiers who handled Agent Orange got chronic illnesses, but let’s not even talk about the Vietnamese people they dropped it on!