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We send him now

to the great brick oven below

where all Russia can be his topping

The root of white supremacy is imperialism. So, the US.

tl;dr Manchin’s bill mandates the leasing of millions of acres of public land and coastal water for oil and gas, and subsidizes businesses, house owners, and luxury electric car buyers

Health care from a company that thinks a water bottle is a bathroom. What could possibly go wrong?

Everybody quiet down! The Marx Understander has entered the room.

2022? Holy shit I thought it was some r/agedlikemilk article from the 90s.

Reddit uncovers sinister Chinese plot to lie back as capitalism lowers its own profit rate.

I hate the flag because they added a star for every conquest, like some creep making notches on his bedpost, but for genocides.

It’s a weird mix of nonsense and misinterpretation.

Directors, CEOs and fund managers are, well, managers. Managers are NOT capitalists. They do not invest their own capital in order to make money and gain influence, they just climb the ladder.

Oh? Then what are stock options? What is carried interest? Upper management is absolutely invested in the company.

They don’t have the same goals as owners and capitalists.

It doesn’t matter what goals you have as an individual. If you want to write poems but you’re paid to write code, you write code. The professionals and lower managers paid by the owners serve the interests of those owners, not the other way around.

They don’t value the same institutions and want to do politics in different ways. They don’t value political parties, individual rights, etc., they value rules, bureaus that enforce the rules that are non-partisan and continue to operate regardless of who’s in power.

What this person misses is why the politics changed. Liberals think of capitalism as a thing, not a process.

But capitalists compete so that one can win. The winner collects their prize, which is to buy/bankrupt their competitor and grab their market share.

Over time, capital accumulates and concentrates. Small businesses grow into national and multinational corporations too large to be run by the founders, so they hire layers of management. In the era of monopoly finance capital, competition is not just about out-producing your competitor, it’s about imperialism: controlling the government, writing trade deals in your favor, monopolizing the important raw materials, etc.

Corporate capitalism (monopoly finance capitalism, imperialism) is not some perversion of capitalism that we can cast off to return to laissez-faire capitalism. It’s the next stage in the evolution of capitalism.

“Actually capitalism was invented by the small mammals who outcompeted the dinosaurs. I am very smart.”

new liberalism just dropped: anarcho-eugenicism

Bourgeois economists: “Wage growth causes inflation.”

Marx: “No.”

Bourgeois economists: “No, of course I don’t read Marx! So, anyway, wage growth causes inflation.”