Don’t stop at Berlin pls

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I found a book about neoliberalism: The Shock Doctrine . Author isn’t Marxist but the book is left leaning though is sometimes anti-communist. It talks about neoliberalism in context of America but still fundamentals neoliberalism is similar wherever its implemented.

Just read the article, fuck America. I hope China now destroys that shithole country slowly.

i’ve heard so much conflicting stuff about this. years ago I saw a vice documentary (ik its prop but i back then i had no clue) on DPRK and the dude had Google open. OS looked like Windows 7 from what I remember.

of course vice went “meh, its staged” like they always do.

what i do know is that DPRK Government atleast gets its internet transit from Hong Kong, China & Russia

if Communism and Capitalism has failed us, what do you think is the solution?

Why are you singling out China? Floods occurred in western Europe, India, Russia… Wildfires and heatwaves occurred all around the world at increasing rates in past few years, it’s not just China.

China had 8 months of rainfall in a single day. That kind of weather is impossible to deal with without deaths.

I have better hopes for Chinese and socialist central planning in dealing with climate change than American capitalism which can’t see past a week.

Keep in mind capitalist mags are more concerned about iPhones than people dying:

“12 dead as world’s biggest iPhone production base gets 8 months of rain in one day”

Capitalists are more concerned about COVID vaccines being too effective that they may not be able to sell booster shots (luckily for them variants from not vaccinating the third world maybe good business for them ):

How is this a rational system?

idk some parts of this article are kinda sus

Finnish socialists from 1906 onwards implemented the revolutionary social democratic strategy famously articulated by Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky in Germany. This patient, parliamentary-oriented approach was a spectacular success in Finland, where the Social Democratic Party won an electoral majority in 1916 and proceeded to leverage that democratic mandate to seize power in early 1918.

get an ink tank or laser printer.

depending on where u live you maybe able to get third party inkjet cartridge refill for <1$

Indian government is selling off whatever it has left. Sad to see :(

ah yes self hosted open source software for no profit is capitalism.

also, we live in a society. the internet itself was initially created with public funding, maybe you should stop using it because government doing stuff is socialism.

Yes the title is correct, we (unironically) need a white genocide.

rt does that very often, kinda stupid but not “reactionary bait” like you said.

Lithuanian Activist Front or LAF (Lithuanian: Lietuvių Aktyvistų Frontas) was a short-lived resistance extremely right-wing underground organization established in 1940 after Lithuania was incorporated by the Soviet Union. The goal of the organization was to liberate Lithuania and re-establish its …

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