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I was surprised to see a new Star Wars ip drop, I hadn’t heard anything about it prior. My bar is basically underground after the mid only-slightly-redeemable Obi-Wan. Haven’t touched Boba Fett because I’ve heard it’s even worse. Mandalorian was ok but I started falling asleep during the second season tbh. Just a personal thing but I want more politics and ethical greyness rather than the good-guy bad-guy shit they seem to keep putting out, even when ostensibly trying to be morally ambiguous.

Just watched Hell House LLC 2. It was ok. I like found footage movies, it was about as good and spooky as the first. Critics seem to think it was a step backwards but I like the way the lore unfolds.

Subscribed to pretty much every major streaming site bcuz I love being broke I guess lol. Somehow everything I actually want to watch is still out of reach tho

Fav movie is still probably Donnie Darko. Always my goto for that question, I haven’t seen anything yet that hits me quite the same way. I don’t rewatch movies, but I’ve seen it about 6-7 times.

Thanks comrade. It’s incredible how demeaning NATO is being and how absolutely cucked Zelensky and co. are. Like “hey there little buddy, it’s cute and all you wanna join our club and you TOTALLY can after the war’s over – which it’s gonna be over soon, we pinky promise. Hold on tight til then, champ?”

It’s only considered crime if the police care enough to report on it. So statistically, Japan is very safe for women!

hit a comrade w a source pls, closest thing I could find is SStoltenberg saying they’re gonna vote on it

This fucking worm is going to kill us all. How does this look if NATO says no? If they say yes, that means the U.S. and its puppets are officially at war with Russia! Holy fucking shit! Hopefully they just sweep it under the fucking rug and continue losing a war of attrition rather than bring nuclear apocalypse down on us.

Thanks for referring to that comment, comrade. Writing it out helped me understand Juche better than just reading about it, if that makes any sense, and I’m quite proud of the summary I gave, even if it’s a bit rocky. As soon as I have some money I’m going to pick up a physical copy of Essential Juche Works by Kim Jong-il and hopefully learn even more. 😊

You right. Nicholas II was the only good one. He was merely soft-coup’d by the witch-doctor Rasputin and then viciously slain by the horde of Bolsheviks, alas.

just try to warp “fiscal conservatism” as a label into actually supporting a planned economy lol

“I’m fiscally conservative. I think infinite profit is unsustainable and setting limits on the market in, oh I don’t know, 5 year plans or something is probably the right move.” 😉

Korean. Going ok. Hard to find motivation at times, though. I don’t listen to or particularly seek out KPop, which seems to be a major driving force for a lot of non-Korean Americans learning the language. I wanna read Korean theory in the native language and go to the DPRK. With how difficult it is and will continue to be for Amerikans to go, like I said it’s difficult to maintain motivation.

fascists be like “Merica has been irreparably corrupted by commie transgender bisexual black Jews, we gotta burn it down and start again, don’t tread on me.” then fascists be like “I have a tattoo of the Murican flag on my left asscheek and an eagle on my cock. I’d die to protect the White House. Back the blue!”

Unironically what I wouldn’t give to be a rice farmer in Vietnam, a garbage/recycling custodian in China, or a street sweeper in the DPRK. Hard jobs, and maybe a hard life, but well respected and at least I know I’d be contributing to something worthwhile.

Wild how divided Italy is here. Looks like a map of Ukraine. If only southern Italians had a neighbor to deal with their Nazi problem 🤔

It’s amazing that every Russian leader since Lenin has somehow managed to be an utterly boorish, anti-intellectual imbecile yet also brilliantly evil sociopathic mastermind. Putin is dumb and crazy as fuck until he’s actually 4d chessing the west with psychosonic telepathic laser beams in Cuba. Which is it? Brilliant terrorist mastermind or “escaped mental patient”?

but hasn't been posted in 14 days and I'm feelin it hard

Qatar is a slave-state like the rest of the western-backed “gulf states”, but this reads just like the safety-pin nonsense liberals pulled in 2016. A “silent message” is much akin to no message at all imo. Also goes without saying that Denmark isn’t a bastion of respect for human rights, either, ofc.

They’re kind of a strange bunch insofar as they act as if they are the torch-holders for “traditional” Marxist-Leninist thought, that they’re the tankiest of the tanks, yet I’ve never seen a Hoxhaist engage in good faith outside of Maoist and anarchist circles. The phenomenal thing about Marxism-Leninism being a science is that ruthless criticism of all that exists is built into its framework – if a communist believes there are issues with adopting a more market-based approach to the economy and the reforms in the communist world away from pure planned economy, that is ok and worth listening to as long as they produce evidence and suggest alternatives. Struggle! Instead, Hoxhaists and “anti-revisionists” are much more likely to wholesale denounce socialist projects world-round as unsalvagable betrayals that need to be literally destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up, indulging in the same terroristic, petty-bourgeois radicalism as Maoists and anarchists.

The most plainly this contradiction expresses itself is in the fact that Hoxhaists detest the DPRK. Of all the socialist projects in the world, the DPRK is by far the closest to adhering to “traditional” Marxist-Leninist principles – a heavily planned economy, economic protectionism – yet from Hoxhaists there exists the same disdain they hold for Cuba/China/Vietnam. The same imperialist lies and news outlets sourced in their so-called criticisms. How does that reflect their so called anti-revisionism and not merely impossible standards of purity that neatly align with the same nonsense spouted by Western NGOs?

Also their understanding of imperialism is laughable, just as with Maoists and anarchists.

Feels like I'm acting.
Content note: I'll be talking about personal issues regarding relationships, fighting, depersonalization and derealization. Feel free to skip interaction if it's harmful to you or it feels like I'm asking for free therapy. Feel free to just comment "get therapy" if you want lol. I don't know how to start this train of thought or necessarily articulate it properly, but I'll try. My partner and I broke up recently because they think they are a lesbian. We still live together and will for the foreseeable future. We'd been together for about 4 years. My sibling lives with us and I had two more roommates who have since moved out. That's just context. I have been... not very good to the people around me for the past year or so. I became jobless and carless in February and had been trying so very hard to get a job and a car, but never really communicated how hard I was trying to my roommates or partner. At times it was all I could do to apply for one job a week or beg my family for money. I was going to doctor's appointments back-to-back to deal with my disabilities. I stayed up all night disassociating or playing video games and slept all day. I got lost in a lot of niche theory/history and spent hours doing nothing but reading and listening to podcasts. Sleep. Disassociate. Isolate. Sleep. Where did the weeks go? The months? Where the hell am I? I continued scraping by enough to pay rent and utilities, and bought my own food with food stamps but couldn't afford household stuff. I mostly stayed in my own bubble and cleaned after only myself. My roommate approached me about not helping with chores, very annoyed, and I got *angry*. We got into a shouting match where he accused me of not doing anything and of being rude. I felt like I was doing as much as I possibly could with the unending fatigue I was feeling. I isolated further. Anytime we saw each other, it was a shouting match. My partner and I began shouting at each other, too. Social interaction meant shouting and crying for me. But the weird thing is, and the point of this post, is it was all also just so very... *funny*? I was angry and I was sad, more than I ever have been in my entire life, probably. But a combination of study, psychadelics and mental illness have sort of forced my brain into a permanent birds-eye view of my life. Everything, *everything* has systemic roots. The personal is the political. The issues I was having boiled down to poverty, unemployment, and disability, all symptoms of a larger societal sickness. Literally millions of people go through the same and worse. Every fight I was having was happening *literally* concurrently with thousands of other fights around the globe over petty shit like dirty dishes or unbought paper towels. My partner told me our roommates were moving out. I laughed and said something like "isn't that a bit of an overreaction?" It all seemed so silly. When my partner and I started fighting it was over my isolation, alleged rudeness and lack of proper communication. Even with tears streaming down my face there was this lingering sense of non-urgency in the back of my mind, a sensation of utterly mundane, banal absurdness to the whole ordeal that made me feel like we were just stealing lines from TV dramas or scenes from movies where couples fight. We were playing the part of the happy couple for years and now we were playing the part where it all collapsed. It meant nothing even though it meant everything. "Couples break up all the time" was juxtaposed snugly with "my world is disintegrating." The systemic, empirical lens I view everything through was battling for supremacy over the part of me that gave a shit for my and others' emotional well-beings, and I think it won. The minutiae of our suffering meant nothing to anyone but us, and it pales in comparison to the collective suffering of humanity, which also goes unseen by the universe writ large. It's all unimportant unless we make it important. So why does it matter if I isolate? Why does it matter if I'm rude? These thoughts won't leave me be. I guess I'm just stuck in a perpetual thought loop where, for instance, me being depressed is so insignificant that it makes me more depressed, which I then view as insignificant, which makes me *more* depressed, ad infinitum. The systemic supercedes the self. I feel like an actor in a play that no one is watching and I'm begging the void to let me take a smoke break. The "actor" metaphor itself is so cliché that it reminds me of how manufactured our thoughts are by our environments and our media. The systemic supercedes the self. Thanks for reading my rambling if you did. Thanks for skimming it. This may sound strange, but I want to know what pains you, comrades. Do you feel like you're acting? Are you okay? Do you think that thinking about whether you're okay or not is an act of futility and insignificance? I can't replace a professional and I may suck at giving proper advice, but anyone can feel free to DM me anytime about any of the emotional nonsense we have to deal with as people. I am the void you can scream into, and I will listen.

Protests in Iran
BBC report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-62967381 A better source’s report: https://english.alaraby.co.uk/news/khamenei-aide-visits-mahsa-aminis-family-media Tudeh (communist) Party of Iran statement: https://www.tudehpartyiran.org/en/2022/09/20/statement-of-the-tudeh-party-of-iran-down-with-the-dictator-there-is-no-end-to-the-regimes-murderous-thuggery/ A woman was seemingly murdered by the IRI’s religious police after being taken into custody for not wearing her hijab “properly”. Iranian officials deny this and claim she died of a heart attack. Looks like no one is buying this line. Danny Haiphong thinks a color revolution is underway because of Iran’s pivot to the east. I haven’t seen this sort of line taken by anyone else yet, but I’m more keen to trust the Tudeh Party than a non-Iranian, as much as Haiphong is usually right. From my understanding and their own statements, Tudeh is not clamoring for some relationship with the West and are very aware of and against NATO, EU and U.S. imperialism. I doubt they’d be in favor of these protests if they thought they were spearheaded by western NGOs. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/2b831ca2-ee7b-49b3-b4ab-af1465673885.jpeg) Lots of protests all over the country. Many chants recorded such as “long live socialism, long live communism” and “death to the dictator, down with Khamenei”. Complicating matters is that the murdered woman was Kurdish-Iranian and fittingly a lot of the protests began in heavily Kurdish regions of Iran. This is not to dismiss the plight of Kurdish people or their capacity for revolutionary struggle, but Kurds have been insidiously used and abused by the West to forment ethnic tensions in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and elsewhere before, and western media outlets are seemingly attempting to continue that legacy by drawing a clear divide by Iranian Kurds and non-Kurds. There is a fog of reporting currently, with a lot of protest info being relayed to western media by Chatham House, a British think tank known recently as having been pushing a lot of anti-Russia stuff. U.S. officials also immediately “demanded accountability” of Iran and claimed the act was “unforgiveable”. Any MENA comrades have thoughts? Do you think this could be a revolutionary moment, or a cynical attempt by NGOs to weaken Iran after they’ve closened to China?

SWIM took two 20mg vyvanse today...
Tryna finish a mountainload of online course training I have for my job. Instead I didn't feel shit and procrastinated playing League like I usually do. Are amphetamines shit or do people usually take more? Feel like I was scammed lol. Note: sorry if using SWIM is cringe. I don't usually post about drug use and I don't know proper decorum. This post is also not meant to propagate or encourage drug use, and is meant for educational purposes.

Accelerationist comrade Biden really trying to hurry up nuclear apocalypse

I wonder if much of fascistic reaction to video games is a corporate op.
This may seem conspiratorial and I know gamer chuds will be gamer chudding, but I'm thinking particularly about The Last of Us II and Grand Theft Auto 6. Muh feminazis are ruining muh games, gamergate etc. Abby being the focal point of transphobic and misogynistic jabs, and GTA 6 going "woke" by including a new female playable character. Hear me out: similarly to how the feds love stoking "culture war" tensions and issues to distract from and defang revolutionary movements, unionizing, etc. the misogynistic, racist and transphobic reaction to modern gaming does a *hell of a job* from distracting left-leaning people from talking about issues like crunch and overwork in games development, sexual harassment and assault in the industry, and more insidious messaging within games themselves -- The Last of Us II is thinly veiled Zionist apologia for instance. Leftist media criticism becomes hyperfocused on countering braindead chud arguments rather than on tackling systemic issues within the industry as well as the pro-corporate, pro-military, pro-violence and pro-police themes of many games. This is not to say that fighting the big -phobias and -isms is not important, it absolutely is. It just seems quite fortuitous for industry "leaders" that leftist critics are preoccupied with dealing with nonsense chuddery. There may be some corporate subterfuge going on, too. GTA 6 had a big data leak that showed pre-alpha footage from the game, and gamers round the web began making absolutely ignorant comments about how "shit" it looks, how poor it seems to run, and nit-picking really dumb stuff. On my mind because Stephanie Sterling dropped a vid on it very recently, and when she was reading off some of the reddit posts bad-mouthing the *pre-alpha footage* it just read as so absolutely shallow, so grotesquely *robotic*, that the bot detecting hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Rockstar's competitors could benefit from people dismissing their new game before it even drops because it "looks like shit", is what I'm saying. Like I said, maybe conspiratorial nonsense on my part. *Gamers* are gamers after all. Something about gamer outrage just feels so plastic and artificial especially recently that I'm not sure how to feel about it.

A *little* bit different than usual, but it sure says a lot.

(ltr: monarchs from Japan, Spain, Britbongland, and some fuckin Nordic country I can't remember. Sweden?)

Gun was inches from her head but didn't go off. Absolutely crazy shit happening in Argentina right now.

Alexander Pushkin, black Russian poet
Pushkin's monuments are currently being destroyed in the Ukraine, under the guise that Pushkin was instrumental in "Russifying" Ukraine. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demolition_of_monuments_to_Alexander_Pushkin_in_Ukraine#:~:text=The%20first%20event%20that%20became,%22stop%20war%22%20on%20it. Pushkin was a bit complicated. But Africans and African-Americans looked up to him as a brilliant poet of African ancestry venerated and respected in a majority 'white' nation. He was an "octaroon", but had dark skin and curly hair and he often commented on his own African features. I find it sad to see his monuments destroyed. Disgusting as well. It must be gravy for these "de-Russifiers" that Pushkin was of African descent. Here's a metal ass poem he wrote against tsardom. Love to hear your thoughts. http://poemsintranslation.blogspot.com/2015/07/pushkin-ode-to-liberty-from-russian.html?m=1 ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f8412bc0-d555-4d2c-9f31-f95824b61699.jpeg)

A third of Pakistan is underwater.

I found this really interesting. Southern Korean actress puts on a Yanbian Korean accent and the presenters go wild. It's an insight into dialect differences within the language.

Any y'all do night shifts?
I did for about two years full time. Due to circumstance I'm about to begin again part time and my sleep schedule is already screwed. All the training happens in the daytime too so that sucks. How y'all coping? Staying healthy and doing ok? I'm thinkin about asking my doc if I can try Modafinil whenever it gets started back up but I haven't researched it enough to know if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

On "degrowth"...
I know very little about this subject. I had someone I know tell me a few months ago that for socialism to be sustainable, and to solve the climate crisis, U.S.ians are going to need to give up almost all A/C. They pointed out the fact that Amerikans are crybabies and even most of Western Europe does not use A/C. However, with Greece and Spain recently having caught on fire and with heat waves devouring the nations, as well as stories regarding people in hotter regions in the U.S. *dying from heat stroke in their own homes* because they couldn't afford their electricity bills, this read as sort of Maoist-lite, petty-bourgeois radicalism to me shifting blame on individuals when there are so many systemic industries contributing astronomically to the worsening climate. I was wondering, is A/C usage so detrimental as to necessitate its destruction? Should not the focus be on larger, more destructive industries and actually increasing the availability and affordability of A/C to hotter regions? Should scientific focus be moreso on creating a *green* A/C? Like I said, almost no knowledge. Feel free to roast my ass (pun slightly intended).

In a very interpersonally and financially turbulent time, this little man keeps me sane. His horrific shedding and his petulant behavior whenever I'm eating, not so much. But still. Animals are great, go pet your dog, cat, hamster or whatever. It's mutually beneficial!

As have I. I found a really elucidating peer-reviewed article written by some Chinese comrades regarding what they believe China can learn from Belarusian "Market Socialism". It goes over their economy, foreign policy and increased standards of living for the Belarusian people. I'm curious what comrades think. I'm certainly more in the ideological camp of traditional Marxist-Leninists wrt economic matters, but it's neat to see that perhaps Belarus hasn't wholesale abandoned their socialist project, even if there are facets communists may disagree with.