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“The truth is, most people can’t afford lawyers,” he said. “This could’ve shifted the balance and allowed people to use tools like ChatGPT in the courtroom that maybe could’ve helped them win cases.”

That’s right. I suppose companies will start losing money if all workers and clients could have a cheap lawyer guidance. You could ask a lot of questions and if you want to go further, you could hire a real person providing all the data the AI already started, can help to start cases for the weak people I suppose, and I suppose that is why he got all those threats.

Because they are experts and they know the difference between “secure” and “private”. A lot of hackers also said HTTPS is secure.

I don’t think that’s a job for Firefox, if it was, then they could also make their own ad block, dark reader for websites… etc…

Firefox should focus on the browser and showing the websites properly as their debugging tools (which is fantastic). And stop with cryptoshit, VPN and stupid things no one asked.

Europe neither know what is a democracy. They should start helping Catalan people from those fascists Spain politics/king government.

I think electric bikes should be for people with difficulties. I own a bike very light which is super easy to travel and cross all my city faster than public transport, even without proper roads for me… which sucks.

Those batteries and engines makes your bike more weighty, which makes it more difficult to run faster with less body energy. I don’t want or need electric bikes.

Well I have been using Apple long time ago until I had problems (that needed to be solved paying a lot of money), then I saw that Apple isn’t different from Windows, but on Windows you can fix stuff by yourself, and you are less limited. Still, Linux beats them.

A new ROM like LineageOS or your favorite to remove those stupid apps, on my S8+ I couldn’t remove Facebook and I don’t even have a Facebook account… sadly it died without knowing why.

iPhone users have long complained that their devices seem to slow down when new models are released. Some have said they believe it to be a purposeful effort by Apple (and other tech companies) to hamper performance in order to get users to buy new models. Apple has long denied this assertion.


You need to buy new batteries, at least if they really only slow your device because of old batteries.

Right now there is only Fairphone 4, they changed the model to be able to add more camera and stuff inside as Fairphone 3 was lacking those modern complements.

If you don’t want to mess with ROMs and root your device to remove all Google stuff, you can get a free-google device already:


EDIT: Emm but their official website they give free earbuds: https://shop.fairphone.com/en/buy-fairphone-4

For now, I’m loving it, but I wish I had Fairphone 4 instead 3 for better camera and 5G support. What I most like for now is the /e/OS support, Apple and Google can f*** themselves hahaha.

I had Samsung long time ago (S8+) and died without any reason… now I switched to Fairphone which is supposed to be super ethical and super easy for self repairability. Their prices are very high, but it’s supposed to live longer than those Samsung… And on Fairphone seems to collaborate also with the /e/OS which is an OS without Google and focused on privacy, their default OS is clean with just Google.

Well, I recently switched to DE (to see if I can get used to them), I have been using WM for years too. XFCE is probably the best light resource usage and more usable as LXDE/LXQt is too light and has not many features to use it for daily.

Would be nice to have a review of WM.

Yeah, but there was some study explaining how many data you send to Google or Apple with your smartphones. Apple was sending less traffic to Apple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do. They still track you, they just don’t use Meta/Google ad/tracking system as they are competitors.

What I mean is Apple isn’t different to them.

They just sell an image with lies: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=eF7habaTvAY

If they really cared about privacy, they would start using open source. So it would give users more freedom and privacy. Then don’t want that. They want to force you to follow their rules, as a company inside the USA they will leak any data as what happened just recently with Google and their AI to detect child abuse, making false accusations but not only that, google employees could see all the picture and data from him and his family.

Their business model was selling cheap hardware at expensive price using slavery. Now seems they go to tracking as people is poorer to buy devices and there are less resources and some problems with manufacturing.

I have read it long time ago. I still say the same. Can’t be that easy, but they are just so used to give all the information that their government requests… how can you say that is privacy?

They just need an email to leak all your personal data.

It’s an issue from the government where they are, their government laws, so any USA company with any kind of closed source is enough to not trust. (same as other countries)

If you want privacy, you must trust on community based on open source. Apple will be always forced to leak data, plus all their stupid vulnerabilities/bugs.

There is another article about how “nice” a government can be with your personal data… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/15/use-of-pegasus-spyware-on-spains-politicians-causing-crisis-of-democracy