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    We make pretty good food. Lots of people from all over the world living it up in the city.

    I’d bet you can get damn good salsa, but perhaps not as easily as just talking to some gente right there in Texas.

    Never been to tx, no plans to, just saying the real mexicanos will know what’s up, whether in NYC or Texas.

  • It’s a terrible idea, having been a biker in socal. You’d think ventilated fabric, even a regular t-shirt with air moving on you from your forward motion would cool you…

    It doesn’t. You’re actually adding heat (thermal energy) to your body faster than it can be removed by your sweat glands, the glands cannot output water fast enough to match the thermal energy being injected into you as the hot air passes over your body. You actually need to insulate yourself with a wind blocking jacket, at which point fuck that, stop riding, and wait a few hours.

    It’s a very odd sensation, but you understand it almost without explanation if you’ve tried it… So what were these guys thinking, ignoring their body’s alarm bells?

  • I miss when the US was renowned for its peace corps, building wells and hospitals, helping communities which weren’t relevant to our income, but were helped for the sake of helping.

    I can only mind my small corner, though we all work on our own little projects which may have positive effects in a larger sense.

    I grew up here and want to share our wealth with all who strive to benefit both team human, and mother nature. We must quest for good, both locally and globally, or die trying.