This place is both boring and interesting at the same time somehow.

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you’ve never heard of the user.js project?

Xmpp is fediverse?

yes, because it federated with so-called instances using the same protocol which makes it a part of the fediverse

fun fact, the xmpp protocol is based off Activitypub, look it up

how the fuck does this post has - 2 Comments?

signal is just glorified telegram at this point

pee pee poo poo wheeze

this is the most far-left post I have ever seen

this makes sense, but I wonder what will happen now to the Tor browser after this


you heard me


a plan for something evil

sorry, i think its literally impossible to have a “free-speech” platform without having an unintelligent buffoon that shouts racial slurs in it.

  1. pleroma
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  3. peertube

federated non-ActivityPub socials

  1. xmpp
  2. matrix

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Void linux w/KDE (and sway if I am really techy)

Odysee does that, but their main focus are videos and not posts

Did the 10grans bot on fediverse stopped?

I noticed that 10grans does not work when I beg or show balance, what did I miss? …

This site: 1.asked to download certificates 2.has horrible mobile support 3.does not work 4.looks old as fuck and depreciated

Yup, those are red flags for me.

It’s actually 2.4% now… More that double