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(Any suggestions about how to come up with better captions? “Hamster” just isn’t distinctive enough…)…

I went and created an account on the Enterprise (I also created accounts on the other two instances later to test out the interactions). I then subscribed to !main@enterprise.lemmy.ml and !main@voyager.lemmy.ml. On my account page, it shows both communities as just “main”:

This is somewhat confusing by itself, but there is another problem: both of the links point to !main@enterprise.lemmy.ml, instead of one to Enterprise and one to Voyager.

Another small issue (or is it intentional?): Suppose that I’m a Voyager user viewing the !main@enterprise.lemmy.ml community. I click on “Create a Post”. I would expect that if I don’t select a different community, it’ll post the post to !main@enterprise.lemmy.ml. But actually, the just “main” community is selected, which means the post will go to !main@voyager.lemmy.ml if I don’t select anything else. (If I select “enterprise.lemmy.ml/main” from the community list, it posts there just fine, but it’s confusing and slightly inconvenient to have to select it instead of it being already selected.)

Interactions between Enterprise and DS9 are somewhat odd, but I assume it’s supposed to be that way? (DS9 lists Enterprise as “linked instance”, but Enterprise doesn’t list DS9 as “linked instance”. Voyager lists both as “linked instance”.) I’ll tell you what I saw anyway:

  • DS9 user can send a message to Enterprise user, i. e. “Message sent” appears to the sender, suggesting that everything went fine — but the Enterprise user won’t receive any message. (In my opinion, it would be better in such cases to have some error message to the sender so that they don’t think their message has been received.) Messaging between Enterprise user and Voyager user, as well as between DS9 user and Voyager user, works just fine.
  • DS9 user can vote and comment on Enterprise user’s post, as well as post posts, on Voyager instance. But Enterprise user won’t see these comments, votes and posts. Voyager user will see them.
  • !main@enterprise.lemmy.ml community looks different when viewed from each of the three instances. Compare (all three pictures sorted by New): from Enterprise (it’s quite odd that the Pingu picture is shown there, because I actually posted it to !main@voyager.lemmy.ml), from Voyager, and from DS9 (“Can see this?” post was made by DS9 user, but it isn’t shown to the Voyager user, and the other two posts also are completely different…).

According to the source, there are a few errors though:

  • The options for grep are wrong. It should be -A and -B instead of -B and -C.
  • The example used for >> in the bash shell section should be ps aux >> pslog.txt
  • For the find example, it should say “change their user ownership to fred using chown”, not “chmod”.

Since the source also gives the ODT file that the picture was generated from, that’s very easy to correct. See here a corrected version that I just made.

My life...plus-square

(Are such jokes allowed on this community?) …


You mean moderators? To a community that you already moderate? Yes, that’s possible. Find a post or comment by the user that you want to add as moderator of the community, in that community. Click on the ⋮ symbol. More options of what to do with the post/comment will appear. The right-most of the options should be “appoint as moderator”.

Elon Musk, Jared Leto, and others have already offered their help.

Yeah, Elon Musk’s “help”… Which will most likely look like in Bolivia, i. e. get in to privatize the resources. Let’s not pretend like that billionaire cares about what happens to ordinary Belarusians when these far-right rioters come to power. He cares to get the resources of Belarus’, that’s all.

When logged out, the whole menu below the comment doesn’t appear. So, there’s no way to get a “deeplink” to the comment. Screenshot:

Good point, I hadn’t thought about that.

I’ve got another question… Is there going to be any consideration to implement some way of reporting posts and comments anytime soon? I see that there’s an issue open for it: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/340 But from reading that, it seems like there needs to be much further discussion of how specifically to implement it.

I assume that the bug fixing and testing for federation is top priority right now, but I’m wondering whether after that there will be at least further discussion of how specifically a reporting function should be done? I think that as activity on Lemmy is steadily growing (at least it feels like that, I don’t have statistics to back that claim up), such a function will become very useful in the future.

(I hope this doesn’t come over as too pushy. Words are hard for me. I’m basically trying to ask about the status and plans for a way to report content.)

Now it finally showed up for me. So, the problem, whatever it was, was apparently on my side.

Why would you want an “apolitical” community if most of your posts here are political? You seem to want an instance that only allows your political side, not an apolitical instance.

And the only way for an instance to be apolitical is to prohibit any and all discussions of politics (prohibiting all politics from this instance would do no good, politics are a significant part of society). Otherwise, there always will be some kind of political bias in the community.

Oh, OK. There is a rate limit for loading the page? The documentation says:

Rate limits

  • 1 per hour for signups and community creation.
  • 1 per 10 minutes for post creation.
  • 30 actions per minute for post voting and comment creation.
  • Everything else is not rate-limited.

If there’s a rate limit on loading the page now, too, that passage should probably be updated.

(The issue is most likely really on my side then. As I said, it often doesn’t load some pictures too after I press Ctrl + F5. Probably something is just wrong with my connection (my connection breaks off regularly when I try to connect to other sites too), especially considering that nobody else mentioned having the same issue. Thanks again for your clarifications.)

Well, the device that I’m writing this from has weird connection issues sometimes. I just tested on a different device, it showed the mouse at first too, but when I went to the login page it loaded the favicon. So, maybe the problem is on my side.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml I had tried reloading with Ctrl + R before writing my comment about the issue. Thanks for suggesting, now I tried reloading with Ctrl + F5. After multiple attempts, it made the mouse disappear and the tab have no icon at all. But some pictures don’t load either. And if I repeat too often, it just shows the tab titled “Lemmygrad” and a blank page. So I now that the reason is really some weird connection issues on my side. Thanks for clarifying this.

Were there any changes recently made to the way how favicons are loaded/displayed, though? I remember it previously working for me.

Strange. I only see it there in the top left corner of the page, but not to the left of the tab title, not even after the page is fully loaded.

Is there a particular reason why the small icon at the left of the tab shows the mouse everywhere again? It does on Lemmygrad, too:

Formerly, it had this icon instead of the mouse:

That made it easier to distinguish between Lemmygrad and Dev Lemmy when I had both open in the same window, in different tabs. Is there a particular reason why that has been changed to show the mouse everywhere again, or is has that just accidentally been changed?

Really not? From what I understand (maybe I misunderstood, though), you can’t register a .no domain name without Norid’s approval, and Norid’s domain name policy says:

5. Requirements for the applicant – who can apply?


5.1 The applicant must be an organization registered in Norway’s Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities [Enhetsregisteret]. See the list showing the forms of organization which may apply (Appendix E). The organization must run genuine operations and/or have activities and substance according to information specified in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, and must provide evidence that it genuinely exists if Norid demands such evidence. The organization must have a Norwegian postal address.

5.2 Each organization may at any time have up to 100 domain names directly within .no. An organization may also have up to 5 domain names under each geographical domain to which the organization belongs, as well as 5 domain names under each second-level domain to which the organization belongs.

Private individuals

5.3 The applicant must be 18 years or older, registered in the National Registry (Folkeregisteret) with a Norwegian national identity number (fødselsnummer) and have a Norwegian post address.

5.4 At any given time, each private individual can have up to 5 domain names directly within .no. They may also have up to 5 domains within any geographical domain they belong to, and up to 5 domains within priv.no.

How is that a news? Looks like some celebrity drama, I don’t see how that’s relevant.

We got a significant influx of activity after Reddit banned several leftist subs. To be honest, by far not all of those 2000 users are active — some just sign up and then forget (this happens on every social network though, this is not our fault), and according to a comment by another user of Lemmygrad, there were brigaders who created around 30 accounts per attack. But the top post of this week has 47 upvotes (and 0 downvotes), while the top post of all time has 100 upvotes (and also 0 downvotes). So I’d say that 100 is around the number of our active users. For lemmy.ml, the top post of all time has 173 upvotes and 2 downvotes, so the same way of estimating gives around 175 active users. So, not much less activity than on this instance. (Maybe this isn’t the best way of estimating active users, since not all of them voted on the top post. But writing a comment or posting a post takes much more effort, so I believe that counting activity by how many users posted or commented in the past month would get a smaller number. I didn’t try yet, though.)

To be short, we’re a fairly active instance, and we welcome any communists around here to join.

That’s really the Instant Answer that I get when searching with DuckDuckGo for “goto statement java”… 🤔 …

Well, this is such a small change, I could implement it myself and did it locally on my device. But I’m not familiar with Github — how do I submit my change? Do I still need to open an issue?

I’ve seen the changes to darkly, and it really looks better. I just that it should switch back from “Chat” to normal mode when you click on the “Chat” button again after having activated it.

I think that pictures in comments should be expanded when you click on them, just like post thumbnails do. Because sometimes you want to post a big picture in a comment, but it shows up small (a reasonable default), and the quickest way to get the big picture is to right-click and select “View Image” (too many clicks, too inconvenient).

Also, in posts, when really big pictures were posted on the other instance, some users didn’t know about the “View Image” thing to expand the picture, so they couldn’t read the text on it. I think there should be a more convenient way to expand pictures to really the full size. I can’t give any good suggestion about this, but it may be worth discussing.

Also, you can’t expand videos like you do with images because clicking on it pauses/unpauses the video. You can click on the “Full Screen” button to expand it to full screen, but I don’t like videos to be that huge, having a way to make them expand like images would be good.

(All of this is low-priority compared to federation, but I think it should be done eventually when you have more time.)