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That’s based af. I hate the American/Anglo flat lawn vibe of the west. It’s shit for local wildlife and biodiversity and creates a pocket industry of amateur pesticides and lawn care products which just shouldn’t be needed. Wildflowers and natural fauna all the way.

Daria in with the based take as per

The original and tiktok/YouTube dance remixes if this song are legit 🔥

Doing Lenin’s work ✊️

Insert crash bandicoot meme here

Cheeky airbrush never hurt anyone 😉

Then there will be the 5 of us together at last 🥰

We just need the new mod to confirm 👍

Even better in my estimates, other mods?

G*mer 🤮 opinion disregarded

Imagine making having a kid your entire personality to the point you throw extravagant parties to just inform people of the gender.

Straight parents like these need to get a grip.

It’s not communism but its better than what we’ve got

Apparently this is a map showing cannibalism from ancient China through to today. Obviously that context is intentionally left out of the post unless you read Chinese which on a primarily Anglo/English speaking site is just malicious at best and down right racist at worst. Interestingly there is no mention of the fact that at a time when China didn't do this, the Belgians were cutting the limbs of workers for failing to hit their rubber quotas. I hate reddit.

How about too late and not Japanese so you missed the Sonic Adventure 2/Dreamcast promotions?! Fml this is the worst timeline.

The gay friend: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0ab9b672-ace7-49dc-be7f-8d24bb68ab97.jpeg)

If you look at their channel history they've slowly gravitated from western pop to tankie bops and you love to see it ✊️