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Not that I have anything to compare to, but I think it was pretty nice and straightforward. I faced some issues with pixel art scaling, but I didn’t research a lot how to fix it. The docummentation is well written and there are tonns of tutorials and forum discussions. I’ve heared that it’s better suited to 2d than 3d, but haven’t tried making anything 3d yet, so I’m not the one to judge

I hope it’s ok to share it here. I’ve started messing with Godot a few weeks ago, and now I have a working prototype of the game. It is quite short for now, I’ve mostly used free assets, but hey… I think it’s cool enough for the game done in few weeks without any prior experience…

yeah, this guy is really good at explaining complex stuff in a beginner friendly way. definitely worth subscribing

I guess you want some kind of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and some collection of templates/samples for different genres. You’d better ask this in !musicproduction@lemmy.ml than in DIY Music Gear, as it’ll be more on topic there :)

I don’t have as much weird gear as Hainbach, but I did try to send clock signal through delays and filters, and it sounded pretty nice. I guess I need to experiment a little more with this

I’ve also found these lessons on youtube. I’m few lessons in, and they seem pretty nice https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9FzW-m48fn2SlrW0KoLT4n5egNdX-W9a

In my opinion simply crossposting stuff from reddit is not a solution (I’ve seen you’ve been doing it with pixelart sublemmy). I think that lemmy needs more discussions under posts rather than more posts. If there is a discussion, there is a community. If there is a community, cool new content will come. I myself created !diymusicgear@lemmy.ml, and so far I’m the only one who creates posts there. I get some upvotes here and there, but it does not help to build the community. It’s not hard to find content on the topic, it’s hard to get involved

thanks! this kids can code site looks like a great resource

beginner tutorials?

Hi! I’d like to start using Godot and was wondering if somebody can recommend any good beginner friendly tutorials, or should I just start with official documentation? I have some basic skills in programming, so I understand basic concepts, but I never worked with any game engines…

I hope nobody minds that I posted my own track :)

One of the better sounding examples of Arduino. I plan building this string synth at some point. http://bloghoskins.blogspot.com/2016/11/diy-arduino-string-synth.html

I’d like to see more OC here, but also have to say that there’s !shareyourmusic@lemmy.ml exactly for that but that is currently empty. It would be cool if people used it

Any thoughts on Open Structures?

"OpenStructures (OS) is an open modular construction system that promotes circular material flows and facilitates re-use and repair. OS allows to build things together at a moment in time, where anyone is connected to everyone and everything can be produced everywhere…

Has anybody tried building it yet?..

Cool! I think I’ve also seen somebody using fidget spinner in modular, but utilizing magnets to generate voltage from the spinning. I guess it was lookmumnocomputer, but I might be wrong

Nah, never dug that deep into this kind of music, so Igorrr is the only band I can think of

I’ve heard it before, but it’s definitely worth a revisit. Thanks for reminding :)

love the blend between jungle and mathcore

That’s impressive and pretty funny