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I didn’t have a home office or anything at the time, so I did a lot of my work in coffee shops, cafe’s, pubs etc. Going to coffee and code nights on top of all that meant I was drinking a lot of coffee (too much, probably) and had my laptop out in public eyes most of the time. Sometimes you get lucky and the stickers end up being a conversation starter for someone looking to hire or who needed help with a project. More reasonably, popping open that bad boy and flashing the stickers during an interview was always a good strategy. Some people would recognize the conferences I went to via stickers, and others took note of the languages and frameworks stickers and were pleased with that. More than a few times they would just skip over most of the interview and I’d get the job

My first laptop was covered in stickers. I’d put stickers from conferences I really enjoyed and stickers for frameworks and languages I felt comfortable working with, and stickers for causes I cared about. It was a 2012 MacBook Pro, and I ran than thing until there was just no saving it. The stickers worked great as advertisement in the pre-pandemic world, and they got me several jobs and great connections.

I got my newest laptop maybe a year and a half ago now. Hard to find the motivation to cover it in stickers without going out and about to grab them, but I think psychologically it would be good to do it for myself anyways

It’s python but it doesn’t really matter. Just easier to type on a phone than c

def log_object(obj):
  if ‘special_display’ in obj:

Or, directly writing data to a logfile. Of course you have to consider methods that exclusively manipulate properties. They don’t necessarily need to return anything because their concerns are all self contained

As a follow up to this, you could also assume from this article that gay people play such a positive role in their community, it’s possible that it makes people around them comfortable enough to explore their own sexualities

Problem is, without decent search functionality, the public timeline is almost necessary as a twitter replacement. You can’t really see what’s “trending” because people don’t really seem that keen on putting hash tags in their toots

As soon as the phrase “indirectly passing genes” shows up you know this is crazy people nonsense.

I really enjoy CBC Radio 1. They always talk about such a large variety of topics, and I find myself interested in things I never took the time to think about before

Ah, I can totally appreciate that aspect of it then! Definitely an issue if the filters are blocking out things other than slurs and hate, especially if it prevents people from using the service because their location or name is getting flagged constantly

If you let one Nazi drink at your bar, even if he’s not bugging anyone or doing anything, you’ll find very quickly that it becomes a Nazi bar -most other patrons will leave because they don’t feel safe or comfortable

Don’t know much about the slur filters myself, but it does make me wonder about the type of characters that would fight so hard to allow the use of more slurs.

You start letting people freely express hate, passively, sarcastically or otherwise, it’s gonna turn into that type forum community. Really depends on who the team is interested in catering to. Personally, I stopped using Reddit for that exact reason. Tired of hearing reasons why people think they’re better than everyone else, or why x group is inherently evil or why abortion is evil etc. It’s a waste of time, and I’m not keen on seeing things that I know are going to make people feel unsafe

The world in The Fifth Element is super cool, and the aliens are fun

the “born sexy yesterday” trope really kills it for me though :(

I’ll second Over the Garden Wall. The adventure and the way the story wraps up is absolutely amazing. The art and atmosphere makes this a series I watch every halloween!

Star Trek is definitely my favourite sci-fi. Just chewed through the original series and am now about halfway through The Next Generation. It’s great if you want to feel hopeful and inspired, but also goes over some heavy topics that might leave you feeling a bit sad afterwards. I’ve been liking the novels so far as well.

I really wanted to like the Southern Reach Trilogy, but the second book was impossible for me to get through (and I usually muscle my way through every book I start). The movie Annihilation is fantastic though, as well as the first book in the trilogy. The stories have some interesting differences between them, so if you enjoy the movie I highly recommend reading just the one book. It can exist as a stand alone (thankfully).

As for fantasy, I just started reading Game of Thrones, and it is just so much better than the show already. As a kid I really loved Redwall, and even now I find myself going back to Watership Down every now and then. A great book!

The recent dying en-masse of muscles and oysters due to being cooked in the ocean has been the most significant event to convince me that the outlook is not good

My partner has always needed to sleep with a fan on and I have usually preferred total silence. Eventually we discovered that he has tinnitus, and I’ve just learned to get used to the white noise.

There’s also a huge psychological component at play here. My partner (poor guy has so many sleeping problems) suffers from horrible night terrors, and early in our relationship he would actively get up out of bed and sleep walk, talk, scream, or mumble nearly every single night. Once he started going to therapy and we moved out of our old city there’s been a huge improvement in how often he has night terrors.

Another big factor has been teeth clenching. There’s so much stuff that your body and brain might be doing while you try to sleep that could be preventing you from getting rest. A good step might be to meditate or practice some kind of self awareness and figure out if there’s something specific to you that you need to be paying attention to

Reading and loving This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong (highly recommend, even if you haven’t read John Dies at the End), and also starting Killing Time by Della Van Hise. The last one is a bit of a gag gift, but my partner bought me a first copy for my birthday when I started getting more into the Star Trek books. I offhandedly mentioned the book’s history to him a few months ago -because it’s hilarious, and now I have it. The writing isn’t atrocious like how many of the reviews state it is, but I’m also only 3 chapters in so far.

Looking forward to coming across parts that had Paramount pull it off the shelves

I think it really depends on whether or not you value their environmental benefits more than you are uncomfortable with their beef production.

I don’t consider myself a strict vegan because a vast majority of “vegan” products are horrendous for the environment, so I would personally be okay with using this service despite the fact that it is also a meat farm. The animals are fed the organics, and the main payoff is likely fertilizer. I suppose beef is just an optional side effect if it’s not their main income source. Maybe they were also interested in providing a more local meat source for people who do like beef.

either way, totally trust your own intuition. I don’t think you should do something solely because it is or isn’t vegan. There are a lot of other factors to consider as well

There’s a type of mushroom I’ve eaten recently called a Lobster Mushroom. Honestly shocked at how similar the flavour was, especially after lightly frying in a bit of veg butter. You’re going to want to cook and consume almost immediately after buying it though, otherwise it starts to lose some of that strangely crabby/lobstery flavour and become tough.