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Absolutely agree with you.

If people value sex as something sacred and precious, that’s their own business. Assuming everyone holds those same beliefs is idiotic, and shaming people for how they need to survive is even more so

different, yes, but it doesn’t make the person doing the work any lesser or greater than a person doing some other kind of work.

a sex worker may not even run the risk of bodily harm depending on their situation, whereas it’s almost guaranteed that a roofer will.

I’m mostly making the comparison because saying things like “dirty money” and implying that sex work is more bodily abuse than any other type of hard labour is a bit naive. Each job takes something away from you. Sex work isn’t any lesser or greater than other types of work because it involves sex. The real shame is when a person is being forced or endangered to do their job in any situation.

A lot of comments that are against sex workers are based on their own personal feelings about sex and why it makes the person doing that work lesser than others. I’m making the roofer comparison because sex work is a very real thing that some people do.

It’s a service that other people pay for, and not exclusively “evil” or bad people. The vilification of the work itself, instead of those who endanger the workers, is ridiculous. That’s all I’m saying

A roofer destroys his body every day he works in order to get money, or to receive a “bribe” as you put it. Does the fact that he needs money to live make this situation less consensual?

Do you imagine that he loves roofing, and that the fact he’s getting paid for it makes him abuse this right that he’s “earned?”

if you’re willing to put the work in, I’ve been loving mpd + ncmpcpp. terminal based, but very cool.

I think you can look up MPD Players for music players that use MPD as a base, but provide a GUI interface as well

The crux for all of those points is that the value is affected by fiat investments. It may not be able to be manipulated by a central bank, but it is influenced by the amount of investment put into it, which gives it the dangerous edge of being a very convenient ponzi-scheme, not to mention an incredibly unstable form of currency that most of the proletariat can’t afford to risk using for their day to day expenses. That alone turns it from “currency” to “high risk investment.”

Being able to send it instantly without fees is a great dream, but the above points kind of spoil the intent.

We don’t need to get into the environmental aspects, or the sinful impact it’s had on the price of GPU’s (further pushing the proletariat from being able to fully participate in the blockchain), and the equally terrible chip shortage combined with the continued purchase and use of GPUs by crypto miners.

But blockchain cryptocurrencies have several serious problems beyond any technical oversights with the actual implentation.

arguably, your biggest stake holders now are the incredibly wealthy -> those who can afford to mine (therefore, those who can actually participate in the blockchain), and/or those who have invested the most fiat into the currency. I know what the original goals of crypto were, but the unfortunate reality is that as soon as fiat got into the mix, the dream died. Capitalism strikes again, and no one with real money being made is going to change the way it works now.

If there’s a crypto out there that isn’t available for fiat investment, that’s the best hope to actually having a decentralized currency for all people

If you’re not keen on seeing posts from “right” leaning extremist, I’m not sure where to point you. “Centrist” communities are going to let that stuff slide, and obviously “right” focused communities are just going to be the most insane things you’ve ever seen

If you aren’t a “Trump’s America” apologist, you’re best bet is to just find a “left” community of people that largely aren’t extremists. Lemmy is fine, HexBear is okay… not sure what else though

Literally described as being a community of “leftists”

Women have the right to celibacy, which is basically letting all the eggs that would otherwise be babies die. I don’t see the difference

I’ve heard decent things about sonixd, although I’m not sure if it’s still too webappy. Similar looking interface as Spotify

Absolutely. Quite honestly, adopting from another country had never crossed my mind, since I grew up with so many orphans. I was surprised that some people immediately jumped to that conclusion

Your pessimism and ignorance is truly astounding. There need not be wars for children to be abandoned, and it should be common knowledge at this point that foster parents have a high chance of being nothing but another loveless cage for orphans to suffer in. Full fledged adoption is hardly done right, but that’s all the more reason why good and caring people should step in and try.

I grew up around orphans, and I know how hard and lonely it is to be foisted from foster family to foster family, surrounded by siblings and adults who resent and use you until you’re once again abandoned to some other equally cruel house. Maybe you don’t think adoption does any good (god knows why), but I know for certain that there are a lot of children who grow up alone without any support that would be so much better off if they had someone in their life who truly cared for them. Is it really better to just not care at all than to try and help even one person? If you think so, you’re a terribly sad person.

No plans to create my own children. I’ve always felt that it’s far more important to adopt a child that’s been abandoned by an uncaring society then to make another. I don’t have any genes important enough to try to reproduce (and few people do). If you can’t find it in your heart to love a child that doesn’t contain the same genetic material as you, I think you should reconsider being a parent

Before quitting anything, have a business plan. I’d lean in to being a local mushroom distributor, get a website set up, prepare yourself to go to farmers markets etc. More people than you may realize are keen on lowering their carbon footprint by supporting locally. Start light and do this while at your current job until you are comfortable with your limits and knowledge of your chosen industry

Safety equipment too. The other comments are no joke, you’re going to want to make sure you do full research and have a safe place to grow those mushrooms and invest in a proper mask. The last thing you want is a checkup to the doctor turning out some unfortunate surprises.

the situation can be tricky depending on your relationship. it could also be as simple as laziness, or fear. Maybe they are afraid to face the reality that their mother is aging, and coming over to help take care of her makes that unavoidable.

I think it’s context, really.

If you are given a clinical description of someone:

  • blonde
  • female
  • good at math
  • etc…

Then there’s nothing negative about it. But if you use it in a way that implies or denotes value - objectifies, then it becomes offensive (i think…)

“What does this female want?” - implies that something about being female changes the speaker’s attitude about the request

“You’re such a female” - implies femaleness to have expected negative/positive traits that are being used as a blanket assumption for the subject.

“I chose Joey over the female” - implies that “the female” is less appealing than Joey by virtue of femaleness.

There is also something arbitrarily negative about using the clinical “female” over the less clinical “woman” or “girl” in these kinds of instances; although either has the potential be equally objectifying, especially if you consider the more abstract concept of “tone” and history of the speaker…

A lot of it is contextual nuance, and even then not everyone’s feelings on it are the same. To be safe though, I would avoid referring to someone as female unless it’s factually relevant.

I agree. School is supposed to cover the basics so that you can learn anything on your own later, plus enough about health and history that you can function in the world.

The serious issue with abolishing compulsory education (at least pre-college), is that a gross majority of parents can’t or won’t teach their kids these things. It’s either a time, energy or knowledge limitation.

Crypto is already having a significant environmental impact without being close to the scale or use of traditional banking systems


Site archiving the works and interests of Emil “Humus” Persson, Senior Graphics Engineer at Epic Games Stockholm. …

100 Rabbits

Really cool site outlining the projects, interests and goings-on from the at-sea developer duo that goes under the project name: 100 Rabbits…