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  1. The idea that we weren’t “like that one year ago” is completely false : since like 3 years, we were saying basically the same thing. This is not a takeover, the original founder (albanianbolsheviki) is still the same.
  2. Honestly, I don’t care about Talibans’ policies or shits, the only thing that I know is that they’re better than the previous comprador gov where women could be raped by anybody.
  3. Alba, an anti-Serb… While he has literally a Serb on his team who agreed on the situation (the solution for us being : a division between Serbian North and the rest which is Albania like it is written in our lines) ? And yes, 90% of Kosovo should be Albanian since the beginning, this is like pure logic, this is not chauvinism. If we compare with my situation, me, as an Arab Nationalist, would want a direct invasion of Israel and the Liberation of Palestine, and you, would call this “Arab chauvinism”.

Well, Serb fucked up on the Kosovar question, period. If the Balkans had actual borders which would make sense (Macedonia being Bulgarian and Albanian, Kosovo divided between Serbia and Albania, Bosnia and Croatia to Serbia) the Balkans would never have any problem.

Help to destroy the Communist Party of Burma and other revolutionary organizations.

When a guy can be 100% right on the American issue, while in the same issue, he literally kills a child, you know that you screw up as the American Nation.