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Any clarification on the origin of COVID?
So it's been two years and the majority of the US still pushes Wuhan as the origin of the pandemic. What is the counter-narrative/truth to this position ? Any evidence come up in the last couple of years? Thank you.

I think the first is pretty innocuous to most. MLK is another one that will bring out only the ppl athat aren’t propagandized to believe the white-washed narrative

What are you doing OP? Boot it up and post results! Download tails and do it on a burner laptop.

As someone in STEM, I agree.

What’s the likelihood of this working? I’ve got to know my options for 2024.

Like inside the party? No. Otherwise, yes I know of the People’s Liberation Army.

You’re mostly right though. I’m in a small town and some of the shit I hear in peripheral conversations is reactionary as fuck.

Good luck, man. Not all of us Americans suck. Just a whole lot of us. I really feel that the truth about this conflict will drop on us sometime soon. Then every Ukraine supporter will have an existential crisis or pretend they never supported Ukraine.

I love this song. It doesn’t really make any sense to me though.

I’ve noticed that some of these “chuddy” types who hoard guns and prep for the “coming civil war” get SO CLOSE when describing the current circumstances. They mention that we’re being manipulated by corporate media that serves the rich elite, and some even mention solidarity between all colors in their own way but they’re still resistant toward the concept of socialism/communism. Perhaps the way forward is more outreach and education and not being ready to shoot and cannibalize each other.

I agree. I am enjoying the show of national collapse in real time.

Phone Recommendation For Noob
Hello I'm being pushed into the market by google/android to acquire a new phone due to it slowing down. I'm sick of this marketing tactic and the clutter of preinstalled apps and junk software. What phone and operating system could I get that could allow me to use for a long period of time and out of reach from subversive tactics from giant corporations? I'm basically a farmer and so know nothing about coding and not too technologically oriented but would really like to break away from the capitalist/hyperconsumerist phone craze. Thank you.

Phone Suggestions For Best Praxis
Hello, I have just found this community and am really lacking in the privacy aspect (I'm a glorified farmer by trade). I own the cheapest smartphone that I could buy and it has worked beautifully for the past two years or so... until recently. It's slowed down dramatically and screws up everything. I suspect this is the corporate method of motivating one to get a new phone. I'm also reading up on the info post on how to make a discrete email. What phone would be best to buy so that I'm am minimally under the corporate money-extraction machine? Any info is appreciated as I'm a total noob.

This Commie got his CHL today from inside the Hornet's Nest
To my US Comrades. I know that we talk a lot of shit about CHUDS and right-wing American Nazis but I want to highlight the fact that it's real and worse than I thought. These ppl unabashedly regurgitate FOX news and spew shit about how nobody wants to work, how Jeff Bezos deserves his fortune, how the disintegratiin of the nuclear family is to blame for America's woes, how BLM protestors are funded by "organizations" and that "soon there will be a move to bring back god, freedom, and country". workout, eat right, get acquainted with firearms, and tactics if possible. I really got a look at how thin the veil is between factions in the US today. it won't take much to empower these ppl to move against us: McCarthy era legislation, Trump as the next president, the coming food crises, general unrest, and more. Stay sharp, comrades