Vive Le Québec Libre pis fuck les anglais

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ah no worries, nothing forces you to come. i think it would be nice, you seem to be pretty active on here talking about regular stuff, i don’t think it would be much different, only more quick talking. tho your the one who choose cowboy

I personally use Element to see the room.

you can learn more about it on their site

quarante trois / sur / trois cent treize. 40+3 / 3*100+13 , its not that hard

It sorta like a discord , but it use incription so its safer. We mostly talk about anything and everything on it , im sure you would like it

Yeah if you look at the sidebar on the home page theres a link to the Matrix Chatroom.

The room has difficulty being active even though theres a lot of people on it, but im sure it’'ll get better

Makes me think of the gloryfication of killers and criminal on TV and youtube shows, and I must say im guilty of that sins too, I love those kind of show, greatest thing ever.

But those shows prolly inspire people too, normalize violence, glorify the killers and all in all probably shouldnt exist

hey question just like that, are you in the Lemmygrad Matrix Room ? You seem like the kind of person who can help make the place more active :^)

the french way to spell number is way easier imo, quatre vingt dix huit, 4*20+10+8 = 98, super intuitive when you give it a bit of thought.

last weekend of summer work before school restart so pretty good. Now it’s just the thrill of school life for which im a sucker for

fall smells like love too

The story goes like this.

One day a Persian king was reflecting on how to be a great king. He asked his scientifics to write a phrase that will always be true, in every case, forever, so that in dark time, he could follow this phrase as guidance. After many moons of thinking, the scientific came up with this phrase :

This Will Also Pass.

Everything passes, nothing is eternal, good times bad times, things we build will wither away as did the things our ancestor built. I will someday die, as you too. Our life will pass. As everything else in the world will. Entropy seeks equalization. Time won’t stop until the heatDeath of the Universe.

This Will Also Pass.

After a great battle, the king came back victorious, celebrating and all, a great party was comming, then his advisory came and told him again.

This Will Also Pass.

And so the king lowered down the intensity of the party, because even so they could be very happy at the moment, it won’t last forever and the bad will creep back one day.

This Will Also Pass.

And it did, but the king was wise, and since he didn’t get too high on the good, he didn’t get too low on the bad.

This Will Also Pass.

Don’t get too high, don’t go too low. As sad as is the fact that the good won’t be forever, we must relinquish that the contrary, that the bad won’t be for ever, is also true.

The king himself died one day. He was said to be a great king.

Cela Aussi Passera

This isn’t that bad tbh, you can get to know the other weirdo in front of you

same, i’ve been away for sooo long, just starting to come back.

Hockey player and uh a bunch of musical artist.

Welcome To Sports!
Welcome to the community for everything sports related! Come talk about professional sports, athlete, or any other sport related thing that comes to your mind. Be sure to also come see us on the Matrix instance where we sometime get together to watch games.

It says : Hausse De La Production Le Parti Communiste Lutte Pour La Hausse Des Salaire! Wich means : Augmentation of the production The Communist Party fights for the increase of the salary!